Beauty's Product RAVE: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

I have a face mask for every occasion. The Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is now my official transition mask.

By age sixteen I was doing weekly organic green clay masks. Still in all of my years of face mask connoisseuring I have never had more fun than I did just now with the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss. The sweetly scented peach colored gel instantly turns into a foam upon application. The instructions request you leave it on for only five minutes, during which time the foam volume continuously grows. At the end of five minutes I looked like an overly hairy Santa Claus.

But in only five minutes every pore on my face was, as promised, breathing in big expansive yogini type breathes. In fact it felt as if each pore had become a receptacle for an oxygen filled funnel.

Today every part of me needs deep breathing. I am moving out of North Carolina, my home of almost five years. I am leaving my favorite apartment which I happily inhabited for two years. On this day, I get to breath in with optimism thankful that I get to leave one phenomenal place for another. I will visit often, in fact I already have my first visit planned. They say in North Carolina that this is the place where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great. This has been true for me and I will take that gift, and Bliss's Triple Oxygen Face Mask, with me just so I remember to breath it all in and have fun.

Total Beauty Bit: Urban Holiday Decay content:

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows

Guest review by editor Sarah Carrillo

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows

Made for the daring, most of the 12 Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow powders are intense and fluorescent -- anything but subtle.

See review

Beauty's Product RAVE: OPI La Collection de France

Parlez Vous OPI? Well, I most certainly do. I picked up this model's color from OPI's La Collection de France (launched on August 5) yesterday and J'adore. A muted lilac with grey undertones, it can appear completely grey with no natural light but the second light touches the surface it is a soft lovely purple. Very romantic and feminine. Louvre me Louvre me not is next on my list.

Beauty Fortuity: Murad Skin and Lip (and nail) Therapy

My mani-pedi mania has caught up with me. In the name of research my nails have been mani-pedied to death. (By the way all of the research was worth it for just one pedi-colada.) But, as you well know I have patiently tried nail oils, even organic nail oils, to fix the peeling nastiness that reveals itself when the polish comes off. I thought I simply needed more patience. I had no idea that I already had the instant solution in my daily makeup bag.

That's right Murad's Lip and Skin therapy has cured my nails of all peeling in just one day. Yesterday, mostly out of boredom I thought, 'Well cuticles are some sort of skin and nothing could make mine look worse.' Then I proceeded to slather Murad's heavenly Lip and Skin Therapy all over each individual finger tip. Hoping to help only my cuticles I was surprised that my nails too seemed to drink in this universal elixir. I re-applied once in the evening. This morning I woke up to discover healed, beautiful nails. I'm laying in bed writing this - with all the excitement of a little girl who just found her first saddle under the Christmas tree. There is no teeth brushing. No breakfast eating. Before any of that can happen I must tell the world about my new nails!

They look like the nails of a well-fed Midwestern manicure virgin. Yesterday morning they looked the nails of junkie. For real. So go on, run over to Sephora and pick up a tube, your lips, nails, and skin will thank you. (A word to the wise, don't venture out and try the pomegranate flavor of the original version. Let's just say something got lost in the translation.)

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LashBlast had better watch her back. There's a new voluptuous lash in town, and she's wearing Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara. The creamy formula and six-sided brush took Spoiled Pretty's lashes up, up and away!

Total Beauty Bit: Brad Pitt + You = ? content:

Celebrity Love Child Game

Meet your beautiful offspring with Justin Timberlake ... or Barack Obama?!

Celebrity Love Child Game

Ever wonder how gorgeous your features would be mixed with those of a celebrity baby daddy like David Beckham, Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Play this game to give birth to the dream baby you two would make together.

Make your baby now!

Beauty's Fashion: Diane von Furstenberg for Fall

Does this make you salivate too? I'm loving it. Check out more from Dame VF.

Beauty's Fashion? Fair Trade Alpaca Hoodie from Mayu

Ok girls, I know, we have to talk. I have been dropping hints like Diddy drops other peoples albums. But it's time to give you the real deal. I'm headed to New York for the Spring Ready to Wear collections. My goal is to interview makeup artists (Nanette Lapore and Tommy Hilfiger lead artist interviews are booked!) and bring back the best hints, tips, and trends. I also have meet and greets with a million and two major beauty brands. I promise to not let you down and bring back the most powerful products promenading down the cosmetic department aisles. We will have lots and lots to talk about over the next few weeks. But here is the thing, I've been bitten. The beauty doctors say I'll live - it's just the fashion bug ;)

So forgive me if I start posting fashion tidbits here and there. Fall is coming and I am in fact a woman so I can't tell if this fashion fever will pass or if it is the ordinary fall pinning for sweaters and scarves whose comfort is outdone only by their style. If it doesn't pass there is a fashion blog being conceived and I'll birth it when I settle into my new locale in October. If it is in fact a passing fever, indulge me temporarily.
So onto the fabric in hand. Every fall I begin to swaddle myself in the most fashionable wraps I can find. I may in fact have been an Native American blanket weaver in a past life as the need to wrap and swaddle every fall is a bit beyond my understanding. I favor wraps and shrugs that are suggestive of a weekend in the French country side. Hence my newest product rave. (It was the over sized hood that stole my heart at first sight.)

This hoodie is a must-have accessory! The elegant zig zag stitch looks absolutely beautiful. The perfect color combinations will match anything in your current wardrobe. The over sized hood and two sets of ties in the front make this garmet a detailed investment piece. The back of the shawl falls to about mid-back. Mayu's fairly traded Alpaca Wool Accessories are all hand made by women in Peru.

Retail Price: $179.00.

Beauty's Product: Goody Gossip Girl Headbands

I don't know why but I always write more eloquently when my hair is piled on top of my head with a headband fencing in the newly broken stallion that is my wavy mane. These new little gems from Goody are good enough for me and good enough for the Gossip Girls.

The second season of Gossip Girl starts off steamy @ 8PM ET/PT on Monday, September 1, and the hot new cast member is the headband thanks to Leighton Meester. Stay in style without breaking the bank with Goody® Glamarama and Iconoclass collections ( SRP: $2.99-5.99!)

From luscious silks to rugged details, Goody® hair accessories are the perfect blend of rich fabrics, vibrant colors and embellished styles. The Goody® Glamarama and Iconoclass collections are available at leading food, drug and mass market retailers.

Total Beauty Byte: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner content:

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Guest review by editor Kristen Oldham-Giordani

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

This little pot o' liner is awesome. It goes on easier than a traditional liquid liner -- especially if you use a quality fine-tip brush -- and actually lasts.

See review

Beauty's Product: Sale at Monkee's of Chapel Hill

Monkee's of Chapel Hill is one of the most precious boutiques in the triangle. If you are not going to make it to the beach this holiday weekend, why not take a vacation from life within the posh, cozy walls of Monkee's and pick up a few Jimmys for $25 a pair? Don't forget to ogle the new Tory Burch items for fall.

Beauty's School: The Power of Makeup by Trish McEvoy

This morning in between checking patients in for botox, talking to my new favorite skin cueticals rep, and admiring the plastic surgeon's gorgeous jewelry I am reading Trish McEvoy's The Power of Makeup. Trish is clearly a woman who derives great pleasure from the artistry of making women beautiful. The book also provides keen insight into the evolution of the industry over the past 20 years and adorable antic dotes about her fated marriage the a leading New York City dermatologist. The Power of Makeup is a perfect labor day beach read, light yet inspirational, and you might just come away with some new color combos for your fall look.

Beauty's Spa: Energy Healer Returns to the Triangle

Some of you were unable to get appointments with Sara Brown, the best energy healer I have ever worked with, when she was here briefly in April. (Check out the details on my last session with her.) Good news! She has returned to the triangle area for an extended period of time. When I called to ask if she would take referrals from Beauty's SPOT, she laughed her bubbly laugh, and said, "Yes, send them over." You can email her at for appointments. Enjoy!

Beauty's Adventure - Medi-Spa Worker Week

You may have noticed - my posts are popping up nocturnally this week. Would you believe me if I told you my day time hours are now filled with high intensity lasers being aimed at my armpits and soy wax being draping over the hairy regions of my face? Well yes, after my adventures in Neti Potting and tongue scraping, I suppose you would.

But would you also believe me if I told you I’ve been checking patients in and out of permanent makeup appointments, YonKa Facials, and face lifts? It’s true! I'll be doing research all week at the best plastic surgeon's office in North Carolina.

This practice is bumping with skinny, newly well-endowed hotties from all over North Carolina. These pretty, dainty ladies smile at the brave breast cancer survivors attempting to reclaim their bodies who also populate the waiting the room. College co-eds skip in and out for their brow waxings while some highly discerning gentleman with impeccable taste purchase YonKa for Men aftershave. It’s a lovely place to be for a girl like me who could pitch a tent in any decent day spa and happily call it home.

Finally I get to go behind the scenes and take my waiting room investigative skills beyond their normal 10 minute boundaries. Also, I have confirmed a long standing hunch. My obsession to linger in the waiting rooms and investigate every aspect of the various day spas I frequent is in fact very odd. All of the patients come and go as their schedule allows. One kind woman lingered, but only to read about poor Elizabeth Edwards - although poor Elizabeth Edwards was apparently not pitiful enough to warrant the $4.00 price tag for personal copy of people magazine. No one however was asking detailed information about every product for sale or the alternatives in laser providers. Good information for me to have. Apparently beauty bloggers are a breed apart and I may in the future need to be more crafty in veiling my questions.

Surprisingly, simply being present in the office means every part of my body is up for grabs. One esthetician threatened to come at me with a swab of hot wax if I didn’t sit on her table. I have been dutifully sewing the seeds for my next visit to an Anastasia brow studio (read incubating some seriously hairy brows) but she insisted, so I acquiesced. I must say she has done a brilliant job. I love the new dramatic shape of my brows…almost enough to consider some permanent make up to mimic their new shape. (By the way, the best insider tip I learned today is that Rogaine for men, when applied to brows, is a cheap DIY way to regrow overly plucked brows.)

Also, a laser technician insisted on burning the hair follicles out of my armpits with a laser. Two weeks from now the hair will fall out and remain missing for at least a month. I later met the southeast sales rep for Skin Ceuticals. I now adore him, more on that tomorrow.

Laura Mercier Cherries Noir Collection

Ms. Mercier's latest for fall. Gorgeous, isn't she? I'm going to Sephora for breakfast to get my hands on that new lip velvet. Get the lovely details on the full look here.

Beauty's Product: Decleor Tonifying Lotion and Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2008

October is breast cancer awareness month. The beauty industry is in an incredible place to be every month and in October it is especially moving. I'll try and spare you the emoting, but to see a woman's industry come together, make a difference, and help those in need, well, it always gets me.

According to the National Cancer Institute, aromatherapy may be used to naturally balance the mind, body and spirit and may help cancer patients improve their quality of life and reduce stress and anxiety. As a leading Aromatherapy brand, Decléor harnesses the best in natural skincare, beauty and well-being. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2008 Decolor will donate 15% of net sales of Tonifying Lotion during the month of October to Cancer and Careers, a program of CEW Foundation.

This soft pink toner is infused with lavender and petit grain essential oils, and orange, kiwi, and mallow essential waters. Ideal for all skin types the offering will include a sample sized Aromessence Neroli as a Gift with Purchase during October. Neroli is an elixir of 100% pure and natural essential oils specially formulated to comfort and treat skin that is exposed to daily stress. I have a massage booked on Friday and I specifically asked for the Decolor Aromatherapy package. Moving, multiple road trips, fashion week, yes I'd say Decolor aroma therapy is in order. This lovely little bottle will only cost you $33 and a trip to Nordie's. Enjoy!

Beauty's Product: Giovanni Bathe Body Bar from The Soap Opera

You may remember when I spilled the beans about my first beauty obsession, The Soap Opera. The beauty refuge, now an online store, is selling these delightful, triple-milled soaps from Whole Foods staple, Giovanni. I am not in love with Giovanni's hair care but they have launched a new organic body care line and a magnetic hair care line (whaaa?). These body bars, from the organic body care line, come in some very intriguing scents. I will try the bamboo birch first because it seems very fall. Get yours here.


Beauty's SPOT is on Sephora's blog!!!

On what may be Beauty SPOT's best day ever, the lovely, talented writers over at Sephora's blog are featuring me today!! Beauty and the blog is one of my top 5 five blog picks. Having them feature my top five beauty picks is pretty much the coolest event ever and has left me with the excitement and writing skills of a sixth grader. Check out my top five Sephora picks here.

Beauty's Travel Product: Clarisonic Travel Case

If you have waited until now to succumb to the Clarisonic revolution, you will in fact be rewarded. For a limited time Clarisonic is giving away the cutest little travel case and headband, if you order online. I use my Clarisonic at least three times a week and it truly helps my skin. I'm also getting ready to hit the road for a obtusely adventurous amount of travelling, so I'll need it! I can already see the middle America, post-breakdown, face mask remedy - garnished with this adorable little Clarisonic head band - in my mind's eye.

Beauty's Travel: Yoga in Paradise

Ideally situated on a stretch of secluded powder-sand beach at the edge of a picturesque fishing village, Ceiba Del Mar offers an ambiance of luxury and comfort, suites with ocean views, beautiful Mexican and Mayan architecture – the perfect setting for a Yoga retreat. Just 20 minutes from Cancun Airport Ceiba de Mar is hosting a come one-come all Yoga Retreat this fall. Led by certified Yoga professional Rhonda Sesto, owner of BuddhabellyYoga, this program will run for four-day or seven-day sessions.

The retreat will be open to participants of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned Yoga buffs. Restorative daily Yoga sessions will be combined with plenty of opportunity for rest (count me in for the SPA facial, pictured below,) recreation, and enjoyment of Ceiba del Mar’s unspoiled white beaches, and stunning natural landscape, as well as the resort’s unique holistic spa. The 4- or 7-day Yoga Retreat will be offered the week of October 25-November 1, 2008, and will be limited to just 15 participants in order to ensure individualized attention by the instructor.

Beauty's Product RAVE: Juara Skincare

I know, I fall in love a lot with skincare products but I have finally met "the one." As in many of time's greatest love stories I'm left speechless by the beauty of the object of my affection. Admire the natural beauty of Juara with me...

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Beauty's Organic Product: NUBAR Carcinogen Free Polish and Cuticle Care Oils

My nails look like road kill. I realized I had a problem when I went to Priti Organic Spa in New York and the natural nail techs there gasped at the havoc chemical laden brands had inflicted on my precious beds. Since my mani-pedi addiction has caught up with me, I'm turning to NUBAR, a carcinogen -free polish and nail care line to turn the tide. Nubar’s delicious cuticle care collection comes in four intoxicating scents. Specially formulated with the anti-fungal, healing Jojoba oil, plus Caramiane, Vitamins A, D, E and Mulberry Root extract. NUBAR also claims ownership of the newest twist on my signature nail color, Merlot. Enjoy!

Sweet Almond Oil
Derived from pressed almonds, sweet almond oil is known to relieve skin itch and dryness.

Vanilla Oil
Delightful sweetness of the tropics with a seductive kiss of the earth.

Passion Fruit Oil
Experience the sweet scent of mouth-watering passion fruit from the Caribbean.

Grapefruit Oil
A zesty grapefruit astringent, antiseptic, and refreshing.

Beauty's Spa: Panchakarma Body Purification with the Chopra Center

It's Friday and I need some serious Panchakarma. This three step ancient Indian purification technique promises complete emotional and physical catharsis. The Chopra Center recommends engaging in the ritualistic healing process at the beginning of every season. Seeing as how fall is on its way and my entire life is changing, um yes I'll have some of that please. Check out the full low down here.

Beauty's Product: Benefit Powderflage

Can benefit's packaging get any cuter? No it can't. They could sell tummy flumber, put it through their marketing department, and I'd still run to Sephora to try it out. So CUTE!

The Premiere of Vivica A. Fox's Glam Gods on VH1

Are you going to watch the premiere of the new VH1 show Glam Gods? Premiering TONIGHT at 10 pm, AND featuring Charles Worthington London stylist, TIM ROGERS - it may be worth a look see. If for no other reason than to ogle hostess Vivica A. Fox. I personally need to get paid to watch reality television but now that it involves hair stylists, I'm torn.

Twelve stylists from all walks of life move into an L.A. loft to compete for the coveted title of GLAM GOD. At stake: representation by a major styling agency, a celebrity spread in US MAGAZINE, and $100,000.

Check out all the name-calling, Deity-naming, and straight eliminating above.

Beauty's Product: Altru Home Fragrance

I'm a sucker for a pretty package. This results in some unpleasant boyfriend situations but almost always results in lovely candle selections.

altru is a home fragrance collection consisting of candles, incense and oils- all inspired by the beauty and handcrafted artistry of cultures around the world. This pleasantly pungent line is beautiful outside and in, as more than 20% of all product proceeds are donated to In a Perfect World— a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and empower children to become compassionate, socially conscious, and responsible leaders.

The virtuously titled fragrances:

Harmony: Inspired by the tanenashi persimmon, one of the most beautiful Oriental persimmons
Integrity: Captures the romance of night-blooming jasmine with Persian lilac and Asian bamboo

Artistry: Nestled with a medley of rich, warm spices and creamy vanilla with hints of black tea

Remembrance: Unexpected blend of sparkling grapefruit with rosemary and exotic woods

Wellness: Rich tapestry of spices and cloves, combined with the earthiness of green tea and wild ginger

Appreciation: Infused with a delicate balance of Tahitian tiare and daffodil buds with petals of white freesia

altru products are available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel, ABC Carpet & Home, and select specialty boutiques nationwide. The collection retails from $15-65.

Daily Beauty Byte

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Top 23 "As Seen on TV" Skin Products

Find out which acne fighters, anti-aging creams and moisturizers are worth the shipping and handling fees

Admit it: On nights you can't sleep you may stay up watching infomercials or checking out what Suzanne Somers is hawking on the Home Shopping Network. After an hour or so, those products all start to sound pretty great. But which ones are really worth picking up the phone for? readers bravely ordered and found out. Check out their favorite "as seen on TV" skin care products. ...More


Watch, Comment, Win: The Women Behind the Women - a Documentary

The Women Behind The Women is a short documentary created by Hollywood producer Diane English and 16 year old journalist Cammie Nelson. Cammie spent three days on the set of The Women, English's latest all female cast and crew feature length film. The goal of Cammie's short visit is to find the definition of real beauty. Cammie sits with some of Hollywood's most powerful and externally beautiful women and probes them about inner beauty. Annette Bening, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Meg Ryan, and Debra Messing all provide stunning answers about being women in Hollywood and where their inner beauty originates. Dove, the sponsor of the documentary, is reaching out to beauty bloggers to expand the conversation around this film and their long standing Campaign for Real Beauty.

This film has deeply affected me. I spend much of my days testing and reviewing products that promise to appease our desire for outer beauty, erase wrinkles, and make our features "pop." Seriously if someone tells me how to make my features "pop" one more time I might just faint. So in order to get us to talk about beauty inside and out Dove is sending me two free tickets to The Women and a bag full of Dove goodies. I will promptly hand them over to whoever watches the documentary and comments on this post most often.
I have a long long list of concoctions I turn to for outer beauty. Inner beauty I have found is felt when in close proximity to laughter, prayer, and the ability to listen.
What makes you beautiful? What do you think of Cammie Nelson's Documentary. Talk amongst yourselves.

Beauty's Product: Neil George Salon Launches Hair Care Line

These new hair care beauties promise to bring the locks of Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan into your bathroom. Coiffure connoisseurs Amanda George and Neil Weisberg joined forces to open Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills. A blend of Amanda and Neil’s vision, Neil George salon redefines creativity and excellence in the world of hair artistry. This fall their first hair care collection is set to debut featuring five hair care products inspired by their clients.

everyday cleanse & everyday moisture conditioner $20/$22
intense repair mask intense illuminating $38
shampoo & conditioner $22/$24

Behind the Scences with Keira Knightley on the September Cover of Vogue

Read the full story here.

Beauty's Travel Product: Molton Brown Travel Essentials Party

Molton Brown's oddly attracitve leather travel bags have long fascinated me in an oddly transfixing, J. Peterman kind of way. Bags that well made must have minor but essential roles in countless travel writings and their perfectly tailored seems always lead my imagination down the wanderlust path. Now Molton Brown is rolling out their travel essentials. From bathroom essentails to candles Molton Brown has already packed for your luxurious vacation or sundry adventure.

To celebrate, Molton Brown emporium invites customers to sip on some travel-inspired beverages to commemorate areas from around the world that are both popular travel destinations as well as locations where Molton Brown is sold.

Travel brochures from both locations above will be available to clientele on the both days so customers can not only learn about Molton Brown, but get some great vacation ideas as well.

With every purchase of one Molton Brown travel essential (the traveller, globe trekker or stowaway) customers will be entered into a raffle to win a Molton Brown leather travel bag packed with Molton Brown therapies.

On Wednesday August 20th from 5pm-close, customers can enjoy plum wine and chilled sake to experience the taste of Japan.

On Wednesday August 27th from 5pm-close, customers can enjoy Australian wine to celebrate the Molton Brown emporia opening there in the fall.

California - South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol Street, Suite 2860
Costa Mesa
CA 92626
714 549 5951
Mon - Fri: 10 - 9.30pm
Sun: 11 - 6.30pm

Pennsylvania - King of Prussia
King of Prussia Mall
2nd level of the Plaza
160 N. Gulph Road, Suite 2375
King of Prussia, PA 19406
610 337 3051
Mon - Sat: 10 - 9.30pm
Sun: 11 - 7pm

New York - Madison Avenue
515 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
212 755 7194
Mon - Fri: 10 - 7pm
Sun: Closed

New York - SoHo
128 Spring Street (between Greene and Wooster)
New York, NY 10012
212 965 1740
Mon - Sat: 10 - 8pm
Sun: 11 - 7pm

New York - Third Avenue
1098 Third Avenue
Btwn 64th + 65th
New York, 10021
212 744 6430
Mon - Fri: 10 - 7pm
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New Jersey - Short Hills
The Mall at Short Hills
Molton Brown Suite B-127
1200 Morris Turnpike
Short Hills
New Jersey 07078
973 921-0700
Mon - Fri: 10 - 9pm
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