About Me

I'm a 29 year old single girl friday who is blessed with fabulous friends, a fabulous job, and a fabulous apartment. I also have an absurdly unfortunate romantic life. As such, I find beauty in travel, spa-ing, the models at fashion week, clothes, and well - beauty (organic and otherwise).
I started Beauty's SPOT in August of 2007 while on a cross country road trip with my best friend, Emily. Somewhere in the Mojave dessert it sounded like a good idea to detail my obsessive day spa attendance. The rest is a bit of fashion week, Beyonce, Ted Gibson, Anastasia, Juara Skincare, major beauty brand, travel writing history.

I also organize social media events like the DC Beauty Tour because I can and everyone has a fabulous time. Things here are beautiful. Thanks for reading.

On another note: I receive a lot of items for free as a request to write about them on my blog. As this is a labor of love (and sometimes a costly one), I welcome the opportunity to review products and services for free, while at the same time remaining objective and unbiased in my review.

Many of the products and services that I review are or were purchased by myself. Because a product is sent to me does not guarantee a published review.