Beauty Bubble: Goldie Locks to Grace Kelly, 18 Looks by Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani Hair Photos

Check out the second-time mom's trendy haircuts, from rocker ponytails to glam updos

Gwen Stefani Hair Photos

We can't get enough of Gwen, whether we're singing along to her tracks or coveting her creative looks. She bounces from punk rocker to glamour chick with an ease we try to emulate, but nobody does it quite like she can. Check out her many different (very blonde) hairstyles.

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Beauty Bubble: Reliable Mascaras
Top Mascaras for Length & Volume

What clumped, what ran and what truly transformed our real-woman testers

Top Mascaras for Length & Volume

We had 12 beauty-junkie members of our Total Beauty Squad test out so-called lengthening and volumizing mascaras. Their verdict: You could spend a fortune on the best -- but you don't have to. See what was tops.

Their findings

Give Back With Molton Brown

Join Molton Brown beginning December 26th to celebrate the Holidays with two very special events: Boxing Day and the limited return of the vitalising vitamin AB+C bath & shower.

Visit any Molton Brown emporia in the US and celebrate Boxing Day, a British holiday tradition of giving back to those in need. Simply bring unwrapped toys to any Molton Brown emporia location on December 26th, 27th, and 28th and your toy will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of America (visit for more information on Boys and Girls Clubs).

While in store, be on the lookout for the re-launch of the vitalizing vitamin AB+C bath & shower. This limited edition shower gel is being brought back by popular demand especially for the holidays.

At the end of customer’s visits, they will receive a complimentary travel-sized product for each donated gift (limit of five complimentary gifts per individual, while supplies last) and you will be eligible to enter to win an assortment of Molton Brown products.

To locate the nearest emporia click here:

Angelina's Golden Globe Compact by L'Oreal

So you can't share the likes of Brad Pitt with her (he's a little pretentious anyhow, no?) but you can share the same L’Oreal Paris limited-edition compact in honor of the Golden Globes. L’Oreal commissioned Carelle, known for colored gemstone jewelry, to create a compact featuring lemon citrine and pale green quartz stones set in 18K yellow gold with diamond details. Each of the women nominated for best actress in a drama and in a comedy will receive one to commemorate her achievement. In addition to the compacts gifted to the likes of Angelina and Meryl (9 in total), one last compact will be auctioned off to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation at during the Golden Globes show on January 11, 2009.

Vogue in 30 Seconds

Cover story: Anne Hathaway is much less annoying in print.

Oribe, the singularly named stylist who found fame designing the tresses of supermodels back in the 90s is finally bringing his skills to the people with a new line. His website is a MUST visit. (A note to the editors of Vogue, your interns are too young if they honestly think the supermodel heyday was 1984. Where is Ms. Wintour's eagle eye on that misprint?)

Visit to plan your next eco-fitness-spa-adventure. Who doesn't want a facial while trekking between the Atlas Mountains and Medina? Well I suppose it didn't occur to Mohammed but times, clearly, have changed.

Unless Jackson Pollock is designing your Smashbox spring compact, your shadows may be out of date.

The item to covet on the last page is not an exorbently expensive, devastatingly beautiful piece of jewlery as per usual but rather this $500 clutch-sized Dell Mini 9 laptop.

Beauty's Product: The Overnighter Set by Hanky Panky & Benefit

Beauty's SPOT has always been mostly a beauty blog (with the occasional crush on fashion and travel.) Oddly enough this week I've received no less than three product submissions better suited for the shelves of an adult toy store rather than Sephora. Go figure. Good Clean Love, an organic love lube, is fascinating. I'm still trying to man up (or woman up in this case) and try the Betty but in the mean time ogle this adorable little over night beauty kit with me won't you?

When the clock strikes midnight, all bets are off and your head will most likely be resting on a pillow that is not your own sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Make sure to start your new year off right by being prepared with The Overnighter Set by Hanky Panky & Benefit. This kit includes mini versions of the makeup essentials that will get you through the night looking gorgeous and mask the previous night’s fun.

And the key to starting 2009 on the right foot? Donning a new Hanky Panky panty, conveniently included in the kit!

The Overnighter Set includes all of the below (just in case!):
· An exclusive Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong
· Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain
· Some Kind-A-Gorgeous Foundation Faker
· California Kissin’ Smile Brightening Lip Shine
· Eyecon Brightening Eye Cream

Price: $38 ($51 value)

Availability: or

Crabtree and Evelyn Aromatherapy Distillations Revitalizing Skin Polishing Ritual

Packed with essential oils of lemon, mandarin, ylang ylang and star anise this fragrant moisturizer is actually more body oil than butter. Much like coconut oil, Crabtree and Evelyn's Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter, is a solid at room temperature but liquefies upon contact with the skin creating a thick sweetly scented substance better suited to a DIY mani pedi or as an alternative to massage oil for those who are averse to the real thing. If however you are more in need of skin polishing rather than skin nourishing simply add the exfoliating spice medley made of ginger root powder, clove powder, cinnamon bark powder, nutmeg fruit powder, powdered luffa fruit fibers, and kuki seed oil. The enclosed ceramic bowl hints at the traditional spice bowls of the far off lands these ingredients call home and earth muffins rest assured, there are no parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, propylene glycol or artificial colorants.

Beauty Bubble: Brow Know How with LC and Sigrid

Ever since my run in with LC at Warren Tricomi I have felt a certain affinity with her. Mostly because we share the same initials and stylists but also because both of our brow makeovers have done wonders. Yesterday Sigrid attacked my bushy brows almost while I was at my desk. After 10 years of brow misshaping, I have given Sigrid permission to do anything she wants with mine. She was the first woman to move the arch in my brow to align with the outer edge of the iris and for girl with a naturally high arch, it's the only way to go. For more brow know how check out these celebrity before and afters.
Celebrity Eyebrow Makeovers

From pencil-thin to insanely bushy, see how stars like Madonna, Tyra Banks and Mariah Carey have tamed their unruly brows

Celebrity Eyebrow Makeovers

Brows hold center stage in the beauty world. Why? Because they can make an amazing difference in how you look. Check out our gallery to see the improvements your favorite celebrities have made to their brows over the years and decide if you should step up your brow maintenance. Even if you have to lay off the tweezers for weeks ... it's worth it.

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Home Shopping Newtork's Faces of Beautiful You

The Home Shopping Network's new show, Faces of Beautiful You follows Hallie, Smith, and Nicki (three beauty product connoisseurs) as they navigate college life. I'm not sure about the show yet but the products are AMAZING.

Eyes by Design Eye Set

Whether making up for work or an evening out, you're an eye expert with EYES BY DESIGN. The Ultimate Kit has everything you need for fabulous eyes.
Too Faced Naughty and Nice Makeup Palette

Indulge both sides of your personality with Naughty and Nice Makeup Palette by Too Faced. Start out sweet, then transform to sexy as desired.

Ready To Wear Lash Extension
Enjoy false eyelashes in a bottle with Ready To Wear Lash Extension by Philippe Chansel! Get longer, fuller, thicker looking lashes in seconds.

Life-Changing Beauty Products...

Life-changing beauty products. Its a strong statement but women often claim such mood, mind, and yes, even life-altering relationships with primping products. I myself am such a woman and have in fact had an abundance of life changing experiences in the last year, largely as the result of this, my first beauty blog. Fashion week in LA. The Total Beauty Summit in LA. Fashion Week in New York. Interviewing for blogging and magazine jobs in New York, LA, and San Francisco. My little sister turned seven and surrendered all of her baby fat for more grown up pursuits like rock climbing and delivering such sentences as, "I know sissy you look at me and think, 'Where is my baby sister?' cause I'm so grown up now, right? That's what you're thinking isn't it?" No one leaves me speechless like my little sister, though I believe I was able to pass a bewildered "uh-huh" past my dangling jaw in response to that specific question. But the list goes on, I moved to San Francisco for a dream job offer and then back to North Carolina when said dream job metamorphasized into something much less appealing upon the arrival of myself and all of my most treasured personal possessions in the bay area. I've driven across the country three times, once with a brief jaunt to Mexico and also schmoozed with the Lauder family. I reunited with old friends and buried one I had hoped to grow old with.

I have known for a very long time that 27 would be my best year. So now that its drawing to a close I'm left wondering where its all going. I started writing Beauty's SPOT mostly as a way to entertain my girlfriends while we all killed time at work. More recently it's become obvious that a mere spelling mistake results in immediately personable yet mildly scornful emails requesting a correction from some of the most powerful brand names in the world, several PR agencies, and media companies. It's baffling and honestly extremely intimidating. In fact as I write this post I fear it may be the beauty blogger equivalent of Jerry McGuire's ill fated manifesto.

This morning I received an email from my dear sweet aunt in Durango who thoughtfully uploaded three pictures from my visit there this fall. She lives on a ranch with a dial up connection so three pictures, painstakingly uploaded, are quite a gift. What I noticed was that I see myself in these pictures more than in any of the others taken this year. Returning to Durango after a twelve year absence, spending time in Yosemite with my cousin, and spending three cathartic - life changing days in ancient New Mexican hot springs awoke something in me that had been asleep for a long time. And the image of my smiling face, hair sloppily piled high on my head, face beaming from the feeling of being with the family I love was I hope the reminder I needed to guide me. Spelling mistakes or copy perfection, dream job or no job, this blog is supposed to be fun. So my life changing beauty products are (besides this easily packaged list drawn up for Sephora) too numerous to name. But from the look of the pictures I received this morning the most powerful one is, tritely, happiness.
18 Life-Changing Beauty Products members say they can't live without these makeup and hairstyle wonders

18 Life-Changing Beauty Products

We all know that the right product can change your life, or at the very least give it a boost. See which products dramatically altered the lives of members for the better - can you really go another day without trying them?

Best products
Hair Accessories Celebs Can't Live Without

Take a cue from these Hollywood A-listers and add some panache to your next 'do

Hair Accessories Celebs Can't Live Without

Don't know what to do with that impulse-buy jeweled hair clip you snagged while holiday shopping? Check out these looks for some inspiration and amp up your holiday hair with practically zero effort.

Best accessories
Hot Hairstyle Trend: Buns

From messy to super-sleek, these looks put a new twist on tradition

Hot Hairstyle Trend: Buns

When celebs need a quick way to complement their red-carpet ensembles, the smart girls go for the bun. We can follow their lead whether we're going to the office party or just running errands around town. This guide has looks that cover it all.

Best buns

Lucky Style Spotter Tag Heuer Contest!

Lucky Magazine loves you girls. Yes you! Of the first ten Beauty's SPOT readers to enter the Tag Heuer contest, one will be given a $50 gift certificate to Simply enter to win using the links above then email me at beautys spot (@) yahoo . com to qualify!

Ted Gibson's Makeover Magic in Redbook Magazine.

It's no secret that I adore Ted Gibson. In fact I still revisit my interview with him on days when I miss fashion week. Ted lives to bring out the unique beauty in each woman and I promise if you turn yourself over to his magical hands for an hour you too will be a life long devotee. Naturally, I'm delighted to see his work in this month's Redbook (fronted by Mimi.) Ted was responsible for the hair portion of the makeover, pictured below, and she looks fab.

Jurlique's Friends and Family Discount

Beauty Bubble: Hippie Hairstyles (But You Know, Clean.)
Hot Celebrity Trend: Hippie Hairstyles

Channel your inner earth momma by throwing on a headband and working a middle part

Hot Celebrity Trend: Hippie Hairstyles

Maybe the headband-around-your-forehead look isn't for you - it seems like only Mischa Barton can pull that look of and it's a stretch. But that doesn't mean you can't wear braids and twists or natural waves with a center part. Let these celebrities show you how to embrace your inner flower child.

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Beauty's Product RAVE: Canus Goat's Milk Body Butters

Busy churning out four new body butters, the folks at Canus Goat's Milk might have achy arms but they must have soft elbows (and knees, hands and feet). Canus Body Butters utilize all natural ingredients (not paraben in sight!) combining the moisturizing properties of fresh goat's milk with the natural richness of soybean oil, castor wax and palm oils. The added benefits of botanical extracts including wheat protein, olive oil and essential oils soften and protect the skin and make these body butters an olfactory dream for coping with rough and dry skin during the winter months. For best results, Canus recommends applying the body butter to your elbows, knees, hands and any other rough and dry areas. I have taken to applying it just before bed and it makes for the most peaceful, sweet smelling night's sleep. I also adore the thick consistency, the like of which I have never seen in any other product line.
The new Canus Body Butter line includes a reformulation of the Original Fragrance Body Butter as well as three new blends: Orchid, Marigold, and Olive & Wheat Protein. Olive Oil and Wheat Protein are known for their antioxidant, moisturizing, conditioning, protective and nourishing properties. They are very helpful in hydrating and keeping skin from feeling dry and uncomfortable. Canus added Orchid Oil from Thailand, as this plant lipid is known to be very helpful in hydrating the skin. Similarly, Calendula Oil from the marigold plant, is recognized for its antioxidant and emollient properties. The Canus Body Butters arrived in stores this fall at a price of $8 per hefty tub of Lait de Chevre body butter. Enjoy!

Holiday Lips and Eyes with Joanna Schlip, Physicians Formula’s celebrity makeup artist.

Joanna Schlip is a bit of a genius with natural makeup. So when I was reading her holiday look tip sheet I was delighted to see she agrees with me on the brilliance of Physician's Formula Plump Potion Mascara. I'm also inclined to try Plump Potion's Lip Gloss.

Long and thick eyelashes are a simple way to bring your holiday look from drab to fab. Before you apply mascara, curl your lashes to make your eyes seem larger. Use an eyelash curler and curl your lashes very carefully, positioning the curler around your eyelashes with the upper lashes between the edges of the curler. Carefully squeeze the edges of the eyelash curler together and hold for a few seconds.

TIP: Don’t apply more than two coats of mascara – otherwise you can make your lashes appear too done and unnatural. First, apply a thin coat and let it dry. Then build up with a second coat of mascara. When applying mascara to the lower lashes, gently brush the tip of the applicator across them.

GET THE LOOK: Choose black mascara and apply it after you have curled your lashes. Choose Physicians Formula Plump Potion Lash Plumping Mascara for a more dramatic result and Physicians Formula Mineral Wear® Talc-Free Mineral Mascara for sensitive eyes.

Lip glosses are the perfect way to finish off your party look – not only are they quick and easy to apply, they always create a glamorous, finished look. Lip glosses also make your lips appear fuller, which adds to the holiday pizzazz. You can either use a colored gloss or a clear one applied over your lipstick.

TIP: Apply a dusting of your face powder or a bit of foundation to your lips to help maximize the staying power of the lipstick or gloss. Depending on your dress color, choose a lipstick that enhances the outfit. Apply the lip gloss over your lipstick to create a playful look and to make your lips appear luminous. Remember the golden rule: if your eyes are bright, choose a more neutral color for your lips and vice versa if your eyes have less color.

GET THE LOOK: If you are feeling frisky and want to make a bold statement with a red lip, choose a shade of Cabernet or Bordeaux which are both hot for the holiday season.
If your lips are feeling lifeless, plump them up by adding some lip gloss with a lip plumping ingredient over your lipstick to make them look and feel fuller. Apply Physicians Formula Plump Potion® Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail to add a little shimmer and fun to your look.

Beauty's Product: Hemloq Featured in Today's Black Woman Magazine.

I've always been a passionate believer that the whole 'print is a dying medium' theory is rubbish. (No I'm not British I just don't like to swear while blogging and since I'm not British if 'rubbish' is in fact a curse word - I'd have no way of knowing.) But when my dear friend at Conde Nast delivered the news "We folded Men's Vogue today" the disappointment in her voice was ominous. I started to wonder, could my theory that every woman needs a magazine, a hot cup of tea, and four hours on a regular basis to stay sane possibly be flawed? Then I saw this, Today's Black Woman featuring Hemloq, a brand blogs have been supporting for a while now and it's just got me print old news? Anyhow let's ponder that while we soak in Hemloq's paraben free, sulfate free, and cruelty free Citrus Scrub shall we?

Beauty Bubble: Meg Ryan's Hair, A Retrospective
Meg Ryan Hair Photos

From long, layered hairstyles to her famous choppy bob, here are all the looks we've loved through the years

Meg Ryan Hair Photos

She keeps a low profile, but we never stop finding inspiration in Meg Ryan's many hairstyles. Here's a roundup of her best looks from today through the "When Harry Met Sally" days.

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Beauty's Product: Estee Lauder Launches Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizers

In an unprecedented move for Beauty's SPOT we are posting the results of a scientific study below. Normally we hear the words, "double blind" or "trial," sigh, and immediately turn our keen eye to the packaging design or any potential promises of instant gratification. These days however I'm surrounded by smarty pants, double-boarded surgeons who have, I must confess, peaked my interest in the research that goes into skincare. It has also occurred to me that though I am historically entranced by the pretty packaging perhaps the scientific content merrits more of my attention. Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizers by Estee Lauder are being launched this month. I promise to test thoroughly and report back on the packaging and any instant gratification. In the meantime those of you who are more like my new boss, Dr. Science, will be interested to read the test results below.

Inspired by the revolutionary science of cellular regeneration, Estée Lauder’s exclusive Sirtuin EX-1 Technology and Tri-Hyaluronic Complex work in synergy to create an optimal environment to reverse skin’s perceived (visible) age while also optimizing skin’s behavior. So skin not only looks younger, but behaves younger too.

Unprecedented Age Measurement Study
In order to better understand what causes skin to prematurely age and aim to visibly reverse it, Estée Lauder conducted an unprecedented five year Age Measurement Study on hundreds of different women aged 20-70. The initial research, conducted in New York and Belgium, included the comprehensive evaluation of 77 “aging markers” which were then narrowed down to a final list of more significant markers, measured through a combination of visual and non-visual clinical assessments, bioinstrumentation and biological testing.

This revolutionary study allowed Estée Lauder scientists to quantitatively evaluate -- for the first time with three different approaches -- the impact of the factors that affect the way skin looks and behaves. As a result, they were able to not only identify patterns of aging, but also develop new targeted technologies to address the key anti-aging concerns of women.

The study identified that the following factors most contribute to the aging of women:

· 65% of premature skin aging in the overall age group of 20-70, is made up of visible markers such as lines, wrinkles, age spots, firmness and texture. Within the 30-55 age group, lines and wrinkles contribute to 48% of a woman’s perceived age, making it the single greatest factor in skin aging.

· 35% of premature skin aging in the overall age group of 20-70, is due to non-visible changes in the skin’s behavior such as moisturization, impact of glycation and the loss of natural cell renewal capacity.

Applying these findings, the Estée Lauder brand developed Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizers to target these key markers and allow skin to appear and behave younger.

The Synergy of Sirtuin EX-1 and Tri-Hyaluronic Acid Technologies

When cells are damaged by factors such as UV exposure, pollution and glycation, they age before their time and begin to lose optimal function. When these prematurely aged cells accumulate, they impact the behavior and function of the skin and the aging process is accelerated -- lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging become more apparent. In essence, skin looks and behaves older, faster.

Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizers contain two new and exclusive technologies that reverse this cellular aging process and dramatically reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. By creating an optimum environment, skin not only looks years younger, but acts as it did years ago.

Sirtuin EX-1 Technology: Estée Lauder developed the exclusive Sirtuin EX-1 Technology to help skin naturally stimulate its proteins, thereby helping skin cells renew their innate ability to withstand daily assaults. The key ingredient in this technology is a patented hydrolyzed anti-aging rice extract, which helps skin behave in a younger way to reverse away the visible years.

Tri-Hyaluronic Acid Complex: An industry first, Tri-Hyaluronic Acid Complex is a unique blend of three Hyaluronic Acid technologies that work at multiple levels in the skin to help replenish, rebuild and sustain the ideal moist environment for more lineless, youthful looking skin. This complex differs from traditional Hyaluronic Acid because it not only replenishes moisture to the skin but also rebuilds and sustains skin’s own natural Hyaluronic Acid deep within the skin’s surface. The Tri-Hyaluronic Complex includes:

· High molecular weight (H.M.W) Hyaluronic Acid: Replenishes
The classic “moisture magnet” High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid works from the “outside in” to immediately quench skin with long-lasting hydration. The large molecular size remains at skin’s surface, where it binds moisture. Instantly, skin feels more comfortable. Skin is plumped and toned, easing the look of fine lines.

· Hyaluronic Acid Fragments: Rebuilds
“False Alarm Technology” Hyaluronic Acid tricks the skin to react as though its natural supply of Hyaluronic Acid was being destroyed. Skin responds by boosting its natural production of its own Hyaluronic Acid, creating moisture from within that fills deeper lines and wrinkles with a naturally volumized effect.

· Anti-Hyaluronidase technology: Sustains
By protecting Hyaluronic Acid from Hyaluronidase (premature break-down by a natural enzyme,) Estée Lauder’s Anti-Hyaluronidase technology helps maintain a healthy moisture balance and maximize the anti-wrinkle effects of Hyaluronic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid Fragments.

The combination of Sirtuin EX-1 Technology and Tri-Hyaluronic Acid Complex is what makes Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizers a breakthrough in anti-aging moisturizers. An optimally hydrated environment is created through the Tri-Hyaluronic Acid Complex, while the Sirtuin-EX-1 Technology works to optimize the behavior of the skin. The result is skin that looks and behaves younger.

Aging cells are “revived” while skin feels deeply hydrated, plumped and toned, with a naturally volumized look from deep within. Skin regains the responsiveness of younger days, resisting the daily environmental aggressors that accelerate aging and the formation of lines and wrinkles. In clinical testing, every woman tested showed a reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles.

If you made through all that, I reward you with scent notes:

A Light, Modern Scent

Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizers are lightly scented with a radiant blend of fresh notes of pear and lemon, followed by a modern floral accord of cherry blossom, peony and lily finished with sheer musk, blonde woods and creamy sandalwood. Timeless yet modern, this delicate scent has universal appeal.

Beauty Bubble: Braids like LC, not Heidi (the original).
Braided Hairstyle How-Tos

Tips on how to pull off these braided styles

Braided Hairstyle How-Tos

Whether your hair is fine like "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively's or thick like Anne Hathaway's, you can easily wear at least one of these stunning styles. See how.

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A Gift to You from Macy's

Product RAVE: Handmade Holiday Soaps from the World Famous Soap Opera!

December is my favorite Month. Giddy is almost a constant state for me during this, the month of my birth. I adore the white lights and cheesy front yard displays that line my route home from work. During other months hanging a tightly bound circular sting of dried cranberries, pine cones, and acorns to your front door and making cookies in the shape of little fat men for an even fatter imaginary man to consume could get you committed, but most of us spend the month of December delighting in such activities. Except we call it being festive. I adore each of this month's thirty one days and today the winner of my adoration is The Soap Opera. As the birthplace of my beauty product obsession, The Soap Opera creates large bricks of handmade soaps filled with images of holly leaves, evergreen trees, candy canes and the like and one slice of these giant bricks makes for an environmentally friendly, adorable, inexpensive gift.

Beautys Product: Miss Popularity With a Price Tag

With any $30 purchase, you get Miss Popularity (benefit's ever popular shimmering highlighter.) Friends with Benefit, indeed.