I held out on you a little bit: Lauren Conrad and Mark. Cosmetics at LA Fashion Week

Lauren Conrad with Mark. Lead Makeup Artist Amy Nadine.I had only one traumatic experience at LA Fashion Week. Like any traumatic experience, it has taken a few weeks to recover, process, and gain the ability to communicate in words what, exactly, happened. I alluded to this encounter in my Warren Tricomi post. After the west coast hair wizard, Daniel Martinez, skillfully reinvented my locks into a stunning shawl of smooth brown sultriness, I found myself doing what bloggers do. Milling about, taking pictures, examining product, and asking questions. Occasionally I would catch my image in one of the floor-to-ceiling length mirrors and smile as, moments later, I recognized that the beautiful woman in the mirror was me. This same disorienting visual experience happened a few moments after I began taking pictures only this time I was certain the distracting image was not mine. Daniel is certainly a genius with transformative powers approaching the supernatural but there is no way he could have turned me into the tiny, short, blond with her hair knotted on top of her dainty, adorable little head. This woman looked vaguely familiar as she traipsed into the salon. She seemed all at once to be chipper, elfish, and even slightly shy. She shot me the shy smile of the girl you meet on the first day of fifth grade. Then I got. It was Lauren Conrad. Her fashion show was that night and she was at Warren Tricomi to get her hair done. I stood there baffled, camera in hand, facing a huge dilemma. This could be good for the blog. But I could also make a total ass of myself, as I proceeded to do. At some point between her first smile and noticing I was still standing there a very awkward 45 seconds later I began to speak as she looked my way. We were two of three clients in the salon that morning and at this point I needed to say something instead of just standing there star struck. "Um, hi I'm sorry to bother you but I'm covering LA Fashion week, do you think I could get a picture?" "Oh I wish I could but I don't have any make up on. Where do you work?" I began to tell her about Beauty's Spot. She goes on to explain that she just got a computer and lives in the stone age and she's really sorry but she doesn't know anything about blogs. She looks a lot younger with out makeup but is still stunningly beautiful and she was clearly a very very nice person. I was going to keep the whole thing to myself (mostly out of a painfully overdeveloped sense of pride). I spent the hour following my LC encounter driving around LA lost and berating myself for bothering her at all in the first place. Then this weekend the fateful email arrived. Her people found my people (my people being me). I now understand why she wanted to wait until her makeup was done to have her picture taken. Her makeup people are the best- Mark. Cosmetics- and if I were about to have them do my makeup I'd wait to have my picture taken as well. And here, as a gift from her people, are the backstage shots from her spring collection AND the lowdown on the show's makeup. Sometimes life really is sweet.

The Look:
Femme fatale from Paris runways, inspired by strong female icons from the 40s. The makeup look was sultry eyes, gold bronze colors, black liner, full lashes and intense garnet lips. Amy Nadine says of the look, "We wanted to create a classic, beautiful look to keep with the Parisian theme. Lauren knew she wanted sultry eyes, slightly winged out on the corner."

The Products:
eyes: i-mark in nomadic and magic, liquid liner in cleo, scandalash in blacklash
cheek: good glowing in cameo
face: speedway and face expert foundation
lips: dew drenched gloss in juicy, juice gems in berryliscious (new!)

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GREAT! nOTHING TO BE EMBARRASED ABOUT. sOUNDS LIKE SHE LOVED IT. Me too . You gog girl Thsis is so much fun Hugs B