Klecka Naturals Massage Oil: Sublime and USDA Certified Organic

I love being a beauty blogger. I examine copious amount of beauty products. I share the results, and my other obsessions (Spa. Organics. and Travel.) with all of you. And I relish every moment of the process. Except occasionally I stumble over how to differentiate between products I think are lovely and want to share with you and products I can't live with out. For this reason I am developing a new feature that will resemble something of a Beauty's Spot Top Shelf or must have list. It isn't quite worked out yet but it is guaranteed that Klecka Naturals Massage Oil will be included. Every last ingredient is USDA certified organic (Top Shelf in the organic world as noted by the lovely Tammy of A Mom in Red High Heels.) It makes my body sing with joy and the smell is transformative. I am currently trying "Joy Touch" and "Happy Touch." I have put the Happy Touch on some dry areas of skin every night this week before I have gone to bed and the sensory pleasure derived from this product is splendiferrous. USDA Certified Organic essential oils of Bergamont, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine combine to create the most sublime, dreamy scent. The scent and its effect are so uniquely grounding and yet curiously inspiring at the same time that I decided to investigate further. Bergamont is a small citrus fruit grown in Calabria Italy and was in fact used in the original Eau de Cologne developed in 17th century Germany. This small Italian fruit is actually a cross of the pear lemon and the Seville orange and is known to be the ultimate peacemaker among perfume scents, allowing each to flourish and also pleasantly mingle with the other ingredients and sources of olfactory pleasure. Ylang Ylang, the other dominant scent is native to Indonesia where I lived out a lovely portion of my life. In fact the Ylang Ylang flower (pictured below) is used for everything from the celebratory decoration on the bed of newlywed Indonesian couples to a key ingredient in Chanel No. 5. Klecka Naturals are available online, at Weaver Street Market , and Whole Foods.

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Super Duper Gus said...

I'll be sending Ed to Weaver Street for this on Mother's Day. Mamma wants a massage!