Beauty Break

Once when I was five years old and riding in the back seat of my mother's car she asked me, "Laur, what is your favorite color?" It had never occurred to me before to pick one color as my favorite so I looked out at the world whizzing by my window and picked the most beautiful thing I could see at that moment. It happened to be an evergreen tree sparkling with sunlight as clouds spread from the sky revealing the newly fallen drops of rain, hung like carefully placed Christmas tree ornaments on its branches. That particular green on that particular tree seemed beautiful enough to me to be labeled "favorite". I did not understand yet that a "favorite" color is not necessarily the color of the most beautiful thing one can see at any given moment. Throughout my life my fascination with visually stunning things has been a blessing bearing seemingly endless gifts or my greatest downfall depending on my understanding of this concept (or I suppose the beauty of the object being ogled) at any given moment. Either way, I am on a daily basis spellbound, even mesmerized, by beautiful things.

Unfortunately, Beauty's Spot is not yet a full time occupation, its is rather an avocation about which I am passionate. But in between all the Spa. Product. Organics. and Travel. there is the routine, daily, hum of working life and good living where I have to remind myself what brings me joy in life. For this reason I discovered and regularly take Beauty Breaks. It occurred to me today on my beauty break that it might be a good idea to share the idea with you, so you too can enjoy the beauty life has to offer even during your time away from Beauty's Spot, or whatever your passion happens to be. Everyday I watch people take bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, smoke breaks, coffee breaks, even on a spring day - a break for a quickie, but I am astounded on my beauty breaks that I am the only one taking a moment to pause and enjoy. I have never, not once seen someone else smelling the flowers, walking the gardens, or investigating the upholstery on the furniture in the local hotel where I most often take my beauty break. Smokers take breaks together, coffee breaks too are often enjoyed in the company of others but until the idea spreads my beauty breaks are I suppose a solo mission.

Here is how my beauty breaks go, so that you may create your own. A beauty break for me takes a total of about 15 minutes where I find the place closest to my office where life feels the most beautiful. Luckily for me this stunning place is the Carolina Inn. I walk through the gardens, enjoy the over-sized bouquets stuffed with lillies, roses, snapdragons, daises or whatever else the florist has included in his delivery that week. The antique chandeliers, classical paintings, and antebellum Southern plantation era furniture inspire me and allow me to forget completely for a few minutes that I am in fact at work. Today the universe delivered a special treat, lining the seating areas and hallways with absolutely beautiful men. One after the other I got to enjoy their faces and smile mischievously knowing they were gifts from the universe meant to be enjoyed and left alone as I am enchanted by single life at the moment. Then there is of course the spacious expansive exquisitely designed bathroom where I get to re-apply my makeup, straighten my hair, and return to work a new woman. The beauty break fills me with the inspired beauty of the creation all around me, freshens my makeup, and makes my coworkers days much better because I am much more pleasant to be around post beauty break. Enjoy!

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Juliet said...

Love the 'beauty break'.... maybe ill take one today :)