Top 5 Things I Learned by Not Blogging

1) La Mer Radiant Concealer with SPF is a non-negotiable part of my beauty regiment. That I just ran out last week may or may not be related to my re-emergence as a pre-eminent blogger of all things beautiful in the world.

2) Life is best when you expect people to be as nice to you as PR girls (demand they exit when they consistently fail at this).

3) Organic really is best when it comes to beauty/household/anything that might give you cancer products.

4) Beauty IS about what's inside. If you loose your spark, it can come back from the inside out OR the outside in but it can never be borrowed.

5) People will miss what you write. My dear ex-step-mother and loyal reader Betty both
exclaimed today "You started blogging again!" Love that!



I know, I left you. It's been a few years and, mostly, I had some things to figure out - offline.

Professionally, I've been building my chops as a social media strategist extraordinaire. Personally, I've been on the mat (power vinyasa style) and learning some old, hard lessons in the relationship department. With those lessons learned, a new (3 month old) job, a new apartment in a new town, I thought it was time to start writing again. I'll share what I've learned and of course the best ways to be absolutely fabulous to ourselves as beautiful, strong women.