The Radiant Concealer SPF 25 by La Mer: The New Fountain of Youth

Though it's only Tuesday, I've already worked twenty-one hours and I'm about to hunker down with some pasta and clock in a few more. Still, everyone insists I look radiant. Glowing, even.

Odd? Would be - except I have discovered the fountain of youth in La Mer's Radiant Concealer. Though it comes as a shiny, covetable mini-compact with a matching miniature brush I've taken to expanding its real estate on my face to any area with even a hint of hyper pigmentation (SPF 25 included in the magic makeup!!)

I have not looked this good, well, ever possibly. Though I couldn't get the mad scientists at The Max Huber Research Labs to reveal exactly how they put all of the powers of the sea into this bite-sized compact they did design La Mer’s gemstone-infused Skincolor Collection to help capture light and transfer its energy to the skin - which explains the completely misleading healthy glow I've got going on.

Recent Emmy Winner for Best Actress in a Comedy, Toni Collette, also used this new wonder product to transform into a glowing goddess at the ceremonies earlier this week. (Thanks to for the image!)

Though it was only launched on September 1st, it has already become an instant favorite among celebs and beauty editors alike. I myself have moved it onto the ultra exclusive list of my Top Ten Favorite products (of all time!) (You must) enjoy!

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