Red Door Spa at the Willard InterContinental

I'd heard of the legendary Red Door Spas from the time I was a little girl. One particular D.C. socialite spoke of her lengthy stays there (gifts from her lawyer husband) and her compatriot celebrity patrons in such a way that I imagined the Red Door not as a place that was actually accessible to me, but rather a lone, posh compound of spas located in the highland dessert of the southwest where one could attend by invitation only.

Last week I visited my first Red Door Spa on the eve of it's one year anniversary at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel (Red Door locations are in fact plentiful.) I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mystique accumulated by The Red Door during the 100 years since its inception is in fact earned by its superior services and design, but that its demeanor is nothing short of the friendliness one normally finds only in Mid-western neighborhoods where people also commonly place gnomes in their front yard.

With a young, enthusiastic staff and their incredibly hip and talented national makeup director, Lindsay Ebbin, on hand I felt at home immediately. Lindsay (pictured above with Julia from All About the Pretty) provided the trend forecast for fall noting that lower liners were big for eyes this season, both increasing the apparent size of the eye and adding an updated structure to the nearly played out smokey eye that has been prancing down catwalks since FW09. (Just try it - more on the lower liner than the upper - you'll thank me - & Lindsay!)

On a final note, I claimed one of their cloud-like (read: divinely comfortable) robes as my own and it has revolutionized my daily beauty routine. At the end of the day when I normal squint my way to the sink so as to not acknowledge the heaping pile of as yet un-reviewed products begging for my attention, I now simply open my eyes, don my Red Door robe and I am instantly transported to the perfection that is the Red Door. Turns out the Red Door (state of mind) is in fact any location where Spa is supreme.

If you aren't lucky enough to live near one of their 33 locations, I highly suggest you pick up a robe to take home with you. Enjoy!

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