philosophy launches interactive website for Mother's Day

Philosophy is celebrating mother's day by asking you to share your mother's wisdom and offering abundant prizes in return. Wouldn't you like to share the pearls of wisdom your mother dropped at your feet and win her $1,200 shopping spree in return? If you really think your mom is the best you can add video and pictures and ask others to view and rate your efforts to honor mom. There are plenty of runner up prizes including lots of philosophy hair care, make up, bath and body products. Good Luck!

If you need an example here is what I offered as my mother's most valuable advice:
My mother never told me what to do. She explained that I had choices and consequences and adeptly used the waspy guilt passed on to her by generations of Swedish stiff upper lip types to urge me in one direction or another. Except once. Once I called home from college at the beginning of my senior year and told her I couldn't go on and that I needed to drop out. She said in the clearest words I have ever heard her speak, “I have never told you what to do but if you drop out of school I will cut you into small pieces." My mother is a vegetarian and saves turtles who wander into the middle of the road on a regular basis. I knew she meant business and she most likely saved my future.

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Super Duper Gus said...

My Moms advice? Nip it, suck it, tuck it, make them bigger! Not exactly the feminist role model.