The Perfect Back Facial at Spa Physiog

Yes, there is such a thing as a facial for the back. It's true name is a backacial or bacial. Every spring I get obsessed with making my back acceptable for my bathing suit. Mostly because it makes me want to vomit when I spend the first month of summer looking at everyone's white, pasty, pimply backs just laying unapologetically around the pool. (Yes. I know, I'm a horrible, judgmental person.) I understand we are all just human and God made us all this way for a reason but I'm a visual person and I happen to love beautiful things. So I usually spend the first month of summer with my eyes buried in the pages of enormously weighty fashion magazines until everyone's skin gets that perfect tint of brown which reflects the sun so beautifully. By that time it's usually too hot to think about clothes anyhow.

This winter is lasting longer than any other winter I have experienced in North Carolina. So I have had a little extra time to obsess over the condition of the skin I can't see without smoke and mirrors. During my recent playdate with Terri at Spa Physiog I was mentioning the poor condition of my back and she said plainly, "We'll fix that." When Terri says things like that I know it's true. The truth has a very certain ring to it and Terri's truths are especially harmonious and pleasing to my ears. Whether coming from my aesthetican or a boyfriend, the truth's voice is singular, like the sound of rain on a tin roof. I can also audibly identify the truth because its opposite is so vague and requires hours of thought and kneading in order to rise into a loaf of something truth-like rather than into a loaf of something BS like.

So anyhow when I got home tonight after my back facial at Spa Physiog I wasn't surprised to see instant results. After Terri applied numerous Eminence products to my back, my problem areas turned from nasty, pasty, white remnants of winter pimples and parched skin into a very specific beautiful shinny result. That specific result being the reduction of problems areas to only two discolorations which have become so slight that they will be invisible after the first tan. I know this from years of experimentation and mental documentation of results. I don't know how Terri works such miracles but she does. In years past I have had to suffer through the first ugly skin month with everyone else. This year I'm grateful to be able to turn that energy elsewhere, knowing my skin is lovely and ready for the sun. Now I'll just wait for the rain to stop falling.

Teri was kind enough to give me the recipe (save a few secret ingredients) for her perfect back facial. But I have to let you know that if you have not yet been lucky enough to meet Terri Exum, you are really missing out. Terri is bit more than an aestheticain. I venture to say she is healer of sorts, curing whatever ails you. And she tells it like is, in skin care and in life. I hope one day you all get to meet her. However if you live in say, California, the items with links below are available for purchase online and will be shipped right to your door in case you'd like to perform this spring ritual at home.

Terri's Perfect Back Facial:
Eight Greens Phyto Masque
Stone Crop Masque
Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub
AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment
Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment
Mandarin Grapefruit Body Butter
Paprika Herbal Treatment
Stone Crop Serum
Citrus Exfoliating Wash
Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

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