Korres Natural Products from Greece

George Korres, the pharmacist who began Korres Natural Products in 1989, began this ingenious line of homeopathic skin care products by purchasing the oldest pharmacy in Athens, Greece. Clearly he was making a statement and all I have to say to that statement is YES! (To learn more about the extensive product line - lip stick to liner - visit totalbeauty.com's Korres listings)Korres natural products combine the finest Medicinal Herbs (Echinacea, Thyme, Gingo biloba, Ginseng, Hamamelis, Evening primrose, Aloe vera), Greek Flora (Mastiha from the island of Chios and Saffron Krokus from the village Krokus in Kozani, northeastern Greece), food ingredients (edible Yoghurt and Greek Thyme Honey), and high-efficacy natural ingredients (Hibiscus, Argan, Andiroba, Wild Mango, Mourera fluviatilis, Imperata cylindrica, Sunflower) into exotic, earth-friendly, Grecian-made skin care solutions.

Currently they are also providing the solution to my spring fever in the form of a highly potent clay and acid based face mask. Spring fever arrived for me today not so much in its common form, the unbearable desire to mate, but in the form of loud, undeniable restlessness. In preparation for my upcoming week featuring earth friendly products and spas I have been doing massive amounts of research on the best the beauty world has to offer. With every click I find a new spa to put on the "must visit" list and a new product, derived from local European, African, or Asian Herbs. And all my spring fever can say, loudly, resoundingly is "Go!". Go west. Go there. Go anywhere but here. But it's a Wednesday afternoon and I have to be at work at 8 am so I can't very well go to Greece tonight. But my face can. My face is currently enjoying the sebum-absorbing properties of the Zinc and Phytic Acid found in Korres Chlorophyll Deep Cleansing Mask. If my spring fever can't produce instant gratification in the form of a spontaneous move to San Francisco or a Spa Retreat in Napa Valley, at least my beauty products can summon instant gratification and produce instant results. The zinc is, as I write, absorbing sebum. The Phyctic acid is lightening my skin and acting as an atni-oxidant. The jojoba oil is enhancing the suppleness of my skin. I wonder if George Korres set out to make a completely satisfactory product for the ailments of spring fever, what local Greek ingredients would he use? Well perhaps my spring fever is not entirely focused on wild cross country adventures. If I can't instantly satisfy this wildly demanding spring fever I am at least happy to report on the instant gratification of my skin. This afternoon I had hormonal, pimply, blah skin. Now, post-mask I am oil free, smooth, supple and at least in terms of skin care as satisfied as possible.


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humm. I wonder if they have anything for my tetchy skin? I'll check. Keep an eye out for products for wussy skin during your tour!