Organic Spa Magazine

I love Organic Spa magazine because I can read the whole thing online for free. I thought this little piece of information was interesting. Seems the whole of the beauty industry is going green and not just for earth day!
“Consumers have been inundated with headlines focusing on lead in lipstick, off-label uses of pharmaceuticals in cosmetics, the potential perils of parabens and other ingredients, Chinese product recalls and global warming caused by man made toxins. But nowhere has the fear of ingredients been felt more acutely than in the beauty industry,” said Alisa Marie Beyer, president and CEO of The Benchmarking Company. “Consumer demand for natural and organic beauty brands may just be the single most important issue to impact the beauty industry in its history.” To read the whole article click here.

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juliet said...

looked at this magazine after reading this--AWSOME!! The only problem is that I want to like LIVE in these spas :)