Warren Tricomi on Melrose: Hair Heaven on Earth

On the most incredible (and incredibly busy) day of my trip to LA Fashion week I miraculously fit in a blow out at Warren Tricomi. It has taken me a week to recover from this surreal experience. I was previously unaware my hair could look so picturesque. I will be unable to fully describe how fetching my hair looked when they were through with it. Essentially, you must go to Warren Tricomi to really understand the transformations they invoke from otherwise average hair. It is beyond my powers of comprehension that I got my hair done at one of the world's superior salons. I still find myself looking at their website in awe. At some point after my hair was finished, they left the little salon on Melrose Avenue and headed to Culver City to do the hair for Maggie Barry’s show at Fashion Week. Here is a video of Erika Valente from Makeup bag and Marta Walsh from Beauty Interviews interviewing the Warren Tricomi team backstage before the show.

So just to make this clear (and attempt to make myself believe that this actually happened) I’ll repeat: before they did the hair for all the models at the Maggie Barry show, they did my hair. (Sometimes life just is too good to be true.) Daniel Martinez, my stylist, has been doing hair for 10 years and he didn't bat an eyelash at the curly, untreated mane I presented to him. He used Warren Tricomi Blow Dry Lotion and Warren Tricomi Workforce #9 to transform my unruly mop into a beautiful, full, straight-haired work of art.

A friend of mine says there are two kinds of people in the world, pasture ponies and thoroughbreds. Pasture ponies are easily managed. You throw them in a field with a bail of hay and voila: healthy and happy ponies. Thoroughbreds on the other hand, need constant attention from a variety of trained professionals: veterinarians, stable hands, horseshoe fitters, groomers, and trainers. What I am trying to say is, I am more the thoroughbred type - it takes a lot to keep me on the beam. Warren Tricomi is the ideal salon for a thoroughbred like me. (See Erika Valente's posting on their eyebrow expertise.) They are talented enough to transform any head of hair that walks through the door. Daniel was wholly undaunted by my unruly mane. So much so that I briefly considered returning to big city life just so I could encounter stylists like him more often. They welcome hair like mine, confidently knowing they are qualified enough to handle it. In fact he turned my hair into a stunning series of deep brown waves rather quickly, putting every other stylist I have visited to shame. Daniel's assistant, Nicole Pascal (pictured below) shampoo-ed and washed my hair with precision and acute attention to detail. Not one hair follicle escaped repeated massaging, lathering and rinsing. (The deep scalp massage after the shampoo was also heavenly.) Then she and Daniel worked on my hair simultaneously, attentively completeing what seemed to be the most efficient blow out I have ever seen.

A lot has been said about Warren Tricomi because it is well, the best. My experience does nothing but confirm every good thing that has been said. A word to the wise, if you are lucky enough to visit this haven on Melrose, be prepared to see some famous faces. It certainly took me by surprise. So much so, that I spent the next hour in a mild state of shock, driving around LA, lost and flustered (but looking incredibly chic), due to an encounter with one of my favorite celebrities.

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