YonKa Gel Nettoyant: gel foaming cleanser AND makeup remover

I recently discovered the YonKa product line at BeautyGoneGreen.com. It is "created, manufactured, and tested by the Laboratories MULTALER, a French family owned company." Upon trying this cleansing Gel and Makeup Remover I was astounded that no one had come up with this brilliant formula earlier simply because its effects are desired by every woman over 25. I was also astounded at how much the French language has stayed with me since grade school. In addition to providing vital instructional and corporate information, the label and packaging could also be a lesson straight out of Madame Boucher's 5th grade French class. In deciphering the list of active ingredients which include iris, litsea cubeba and lavender, plant active cleansing agents, and red algae I realized that with products derived from land and sea the world over, it may have taken while to come up with this precise recipe. The entire product line seems to be a brilliant witch's brew of essential oils, plant, fruit and marine extracts. This gel's foamy lather almost instantly removes my minerals, mascara, and brow powder while also leaving my skin looking dewy, soft and moist. It can also be used in correcting faulty makeup application by simply dipping a cotton swab into the gel and swiftly removing any mis-drawn eye makeup. One of the great mysteries of the world is how exactly French women obtain the most youthful radiant natural looking skin. I am fairly certain they start with this product.

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