Lori Taylor's Makeup at Octavio Carlin

Lori Taylor is everywhere at LA Fashion Week. She is exuberant, creative, kind, and clear in her instruction to the makeup artists re-creating her designs. I watched her fearlessly lead two makeup teams today; Octavio Carlin and Veronika Jeanvie. She picks one model and applies her makeup, explaining each brush stroke and each sparkle to her team of makeup artists who look on and ask questions as necessary.In this video Lori explains her take on the makeup she did today for Octavio Carlin to Marta from Beauty Interviews.

As I waited backstage with the team of makeup artists for her arrival I noticed an image of an Audrey Hepburn-like woman taped to each makeup station. Lori picks this image and then walks the team through each step in creating the "woman" for the show. Whereas the Octavio woman was very 40s glamorous the Veronkia woman was completely space-age and dramatic. No matter what woman Lori is creating she is fun to be around, knowledgeable, and excessively talented. Her joy for makeup is almost childlike and her generosity shows in her patience with lurking bloggers such as myself, to whom she seems endlessly willing to explain each show's look.

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