Clarisonic Skin Care Brush: Beauty Gone Green's best kept secret!

I had a playdate today with my lovely friend Teri of Beauty Gone Green and Spa Physiog. I got to try out the Clarisonic skin care brush and I have to say that it's now one of my favorite things. (I think Oprah said something similar recently.)

There is no longer any point to washing my face with out this brush. In fact I have one on order and will be updating you periodically on its long-term effects. Three years ago when I started seeing Teri at Spa Physiog my skin had every ailment that the Clarisonic treats: rosacea, breakouts, blackheads, large pores, and fine lines. We noticed today that in three years, with regular facials, peels, and use of high quality products, my skin has totally changed. But it's far from perfect and I'm looking forward to further improvements (reduced pore size and no more blackheads!) from the Clarisonic. The brush uses sonic vibration to remove 6 times more makeup, oil and dirt, as compared to a regular facial cleansing. After using this brush for a minute and half my skin was as soft as a baby's bum and it absorbed product like an actual sea sponge. With all the money women spend on product, we might as well be getting the maximum benefit available and that's not possible until after using this brush. I wouldn't have really believed that unless I tried it today but it's true. All the moisturizer, cleanser, toner, and masques could be doing a lot more for me if I just let the Clairsonic remove the junk that's in the way first. It reminds me of a metaphor I once heard. If I try to paint a new painting on an old canvas, the old paint will always eventually bleed through. The Clarisonic makes a new canvas out of every face. Mine was glowing and healthy all day.

AND Beauty Gone Green has a batch of pink Clarisonics to benefit breast cancer research (just in time for Mother's Day)! The cost is $195 but like the sonic care tooth brush, it comes with two brushes for use by multiple family members. (Apparently the Clarisonic is brilliant for clearing up skin and shaving problems for men too!) Beauty Gone Green also sells the individual replacement brush heads for sensitive and normal skin, Which means you can add a brush for each newly luminescent family member;) Click on the picture below to order one and Teri will throw in one nii-kii's divine lip balms for free!


A Mom in Red High Heels said...

Beauty Gone Green is a great resource for all the GREEN talk this month! LOVE the kissy-lip flowers :)

jamesexum said...

I first tried the sonicare tooth brush when it came on the market. It is an amazing tool for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. So , when Terri Exum at Spa Physiog started introducing these brushes I had to try it.
It is true what Laurie says...why bother cleansing your face any other way. It deep cleans it blasting the crud, dirt and oil out of your pores and makes for a better surface prep to apply other products, like toners, serums, and sunscreens. Plus for us guys using it to apply shave cream really makes your beard stand up for a closer cut.I let my Dad use it recently on one of our motorcycle trips and he emerged from the shower exclaiming; "My God my face has never felt so clean before!" I gave him my brush and a couple of brush heads in hopes that he might share it with my Mom. He may just be keeping that one a secret because Momma Judy ain't mentioned it yet.
Awesome product. Highly recommend!

Laurie said...

Thanks James! Good to know that it really does help men with shaving too!