Jason Pure, Natural, and Organic: Satin Shower Body Wash

I have a dirty little beauty secret. I use Jason's Organics Satin Shower Body Wash on my face. Not all the time. Not if I have something like YonKa's Gel Nettoyant on the bathroom counter but some days I need to go back to basics, and when the basics are pure, organic, and orgasmic - in a purely ole factory, rose water, sort of way -well it's a mirthful little secret that my basics are this good. Currently I'm using the Citrus Satin Shower Body Wash. According to their website this product is “Foamy and luxurious, rich in natural oils. Emollients and humectants are combined to make your bathing experience a new pleasure. Use this lavishly fragranced, precious bubbling potion for your bath. Refreshing Citrus, relaxing Chamomile, rich natural Apricot Oil and Vitamin E are concentrated into a formula of unequaled quality." And every one of their words are true. Some may whine and moan that it's more expensive than normal body wash ($11 for 30 oz) but there are no laurel sulfates in any Jason products and they're organic so they won't give me cancer. (I'm willing to pay for that) Also, all of their Satin Shower Body Washes are concentrated, so one 30 oz container usually lasts 2 to 3 months. Once when I was out of face wash I thought, "I put this exceptional (I might go so far as to say even, Olympian) product on my body every day. The scent makes me incredibly happy (if the Citrus is highly enjoyable the Rose Water is virtually hedonistic), it's organic - I bet it would be just fine on my face." And it is. I think the wizardry of this product is that it is as mellowing and moisturizing as a face wash but cleverly packaged as a body wash. And don't we all deserve the downy, tender, softening, texture of a face wash all over our bodies?

As a side note, I have seen their labs and they are very serious about the quality of their ingredients. It just so happens that on a morning walk around smashbox studios during LA Fashion Week, I stumbled upon the company headquarters of the very products I have been using for years. Below are some pictures from outside their Culver City HQ

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Sounds amazing! I am adding this to my must try list!!