Exclusive Contest for Beauty's Spot Readers! Win YonKa's Skincare for Men!

It has come to my attention lately that I have some serious difficulties communicating with men. (My apologies to the kind young gentleman who was unfortunate enough to be the medium through which I learned this lesson.) So I have decided to make the best of it and make the first Beauty's Spot contest an exclusive opportunity for good communication with, and good skin care for, the male readers! Here is how it works:
  • The contest starts today (March 29) and will end 30 days from now (April 28).

  • Whoever posts the most comments on Beauty's Spot in those 30 days will receive a care package full of samples courtesy of BeautyGoneGreen.com (with daily use, each bottle lasts about two weeks). The care package will include the majority of products in Yonka's AMAZING skin care line for men! And I will throw in one full sized Yonka for Men product.

  • The winner gets to write his own blog entry reviewing the Yonka Products! (We'll call this our first Beast's Spot entry in honor of Beauty Spot's first male reader, Mr. John C.)

  • Ladies, I'll count your comments too if you have a man in your life who you'd like to gift the prizes to.
I will post weekly reminders about the contest, featuring the YonKa male model (otherwise known as the official Hunk of Burnin' Love). He is French and a former construction worker who was scooped from the construction site in an act of providence to become the face of Yonka's line for men. Thanks to BeautyGoneGreen for their generosity!


jamesexum said...

Dear Laurie,

Greetings, my name is James I am a 43 y/o biker/motorcycle mechanic. I also have had the good fortune to have Terri work on my face. Twelve years ago when we first met she explained the importance of sunscreen to me, in no uncertain terms. I use it every day. I also like to use other skin care products , such as under eye cream to reduce the puffiness that comes with age and I love the exfoiliating nostrums and scrubs that Terri says gets that dead skin layer off your face.
The dry mineral based sunscreen is the best for people like me who sweat a lot, get dirty and greasy and who exposed to the elements on a daily basis. It does not clog pores and stays on all day.
It is difficult to mention these products to other men, because they are still marketed as cosmetics and most dudes can not abide stuff with that label. Saying the word, 'product' does however make discussions a bit easier. It may also be helpful to re-package some of the stuff with leather, studs or diamond plate patterns instead of flowers and bunnies.
Just kidding, but seriously I would be honored to participate in the contest if I am eligible.

Thank you,
JGE lll
Carrboro, NC

Laurie said...

Thanks for starting the contest off with the Biker/Mechanic thumbs up! All are welcome in the contest! I will just count the comments at the end of 30 days and ship the care package to lucky guy!

A Mom in Red High Heels said...

Oh, he is just yummy!! Now what was that post about?!

Laurie said...

yes he is my new boyfriend :) I thought you might say something like that when you read this post...perhaps i'll explain over email;)