On my way to LA Fashion Week

It’s 8 am and I’m in the Piedmont Triad International Airport. I just had the worst Bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich that dunkin donuts has ever made. The folks behind the counter were having a rough morning or at least a really bad end to a long night. Skybus does in fact exist despite the fact that they are the only airline I know of with no telephone number. The concept of an airline with out a phone number is so Indonesian I have a hard time believing I’m still in America. I am unfortunately about to the leave the south (and really isn’t the south a little bit its own country?). I have come to love this pseudo-country. This morning all I wanted when I woke up was a biscuit. Skybus had emailed me a few days ago to say I needed to be at the PTI airport two hours ahead of time because of heavy spring break traffic. I can almost guarantee you that almost none of the 46 people I have seen at this airport so far are going on spring break and I was forced to eat a bacon egg and cheese on a burnt english muffin (clearly nothing like a good southern biscuit). On the other hand Skybus is providing me with a direct round trip flight to Burbank, CA for a very nominal fee. So here I sit with time to kill, a mildly satisfied belly, and the only ugly bags in sight are the ones under my eyes.

I stayed up late last night creating the most detailed excel spreadsheet itinerary I have ever developed for personal use, printing fashion show invitations, and meticulously packing my one bag, the contents of which will have to see me through a totalbeauty.com tour of Fred Segal, Dinner at Ford’s Filling Station, 6 backstage interviews, 5 actual shows, and (if I’m still standing) a VIP Cocktail party at Smashbox Studios and an after party at Les Deux.

I am so looking forward to meeting the other bloggers, the total beauty.com-ers who have done so much work to get us all into the week’s events and well most of all I think I’m looking forward to meeting the folks at Fred Segal. When I started this blog with a trip to Bliss in San Francisco in August I thought I was the luckiest person on the planet to be able to go there and write about it – and I was. I really don’t even know what to say about getting to go to Fred Segal, just I guess that it’s well… delightful :)

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