Sissy Toes

My little sister turned six and a half today. Half birthdays are a very big deal in my family and we mark every trip I take to D.C. with a sisters' mani-pedi (the lay term for this ritual is, I believe, "sissy toes"). I don't know how this tradition started but now it's tradition and apparently you don't mess with that.

This particular weekend, I am only here for about twenty-four hours so I thought I'd skip our usual trip to the nail salon. Since it's just us sisters, it takes her away from the rest of the family and I thought I'd be considerate and just hang with the whole crew this time. So when I, still very sleepy and in Chapel Hill, called my step-mother this morning at 8:30 am and she said all four girls in the family (including me and the birthday girl) had mani/pedi-ies at 2 pm, I was surprised. Apparently "sissy toes" is catching on and happens now whether I plan it or not. And really isn't it more fun when everyone you love goes to the salon together? As my sister said tonight during reading time "I'm smushed on all sides by people who love me!"

My sister loves sissy toes. When it started a few years ago she would pick my colors for me and I would adoringly wear bright blue and green nails for weeks afterwards just because she picked them. She has stopped picking my colors but the girl, at 6 and a HALF, knows her way around a nail salon and I think that's a good thing. I opted out of my usual deep red today and went for a light pink. I miss my usual color already but there is something summery about Essie's "It's in the bag" pink that I like. As for my sister's evolving style, see the picture below :)