Eminence Organic's Mandarin Grapefruit Body Butter

When Spa Physiog supplied me with Eminence's Mandarin Grapefruit Body Butter I was thankful but couldn't imagine the serendipitous gift it would provide later that day. Tonight, I got out of the shower after a long nap, which followed a long week, and a longer, loosing battle with a stomach illness, I was in dire need of some levity in my life. I applied it generously to my thighs and calves and was instantly transported to a sweeter, tropical world. If you ever wonder what it would have felt like to be an Egyptian Pharaoh bathed only in natural products derived from the land's finest fruits and vegetables, simply buy a few Eminence products from Beauty Gone Green, wait for them to arrive in your mailbox and be thankful you get the best of both worlds: richly nourishing concoctions derived from the earth for the benefit of your skin and indoor plumbing. Really, we have it made. I felt as if I was absorbing all the health benefits of eating a grapefruit but applying said nutrients and vitamins directly to my thighs. The result is skin that feels nourished and smells like absolute heaven.

• Grapefruit: rich in Vitamin C, antioxidant, uplifting, stimulates and tones skin
• Mandarin: high in Vitamin C, stimulates circulation, helps clear skin impurities
• Shea Butter: High in triglycerides and fatty acids, it is an excellent emollient for skin
• Cocoa Butter: excellent emollient for skin, relieves irritation, heals skin
• Jojoba Oil: nourishing and hydrating with one of the best absorption rates
• Aloe Extract: healer, moisturizer, calms irritated skin, alleviates the effects of UV radiation

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