Web Tour: Beauty Secrets

More and more of my life is devoured by the hunt for the best beauty products, treatments, and bloggers. If my reckless abandonment of time management can conserve your time, at least it won't be completely pointless. Thus my first web tour! Superior beauty blogs are listed below, with a link to my favorite article on each blog.

A Mom in Red High Heels: Empowering Moms Through Beauty and Style
A mom in red high heels braves the skinny jean nightmare and uncovers the goods for all of us.

The Daily Cookie: Bringing you morsels about anything and everything
The Daily Cookie discovers Rebirth she uemura's brilliant Spring makeup line .

Talking Makeup: The Obsession of Makeup
Seems like everyone I know lately is talking about getting "work done". Talking makeup is bringing you the best of Healing Enhancements Post Surgical Solutions.

Fifty CentHead : A Beauty Blog
Fifty Cent Head covers a beauty classic with "Love Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer?"

Budget Beauty Love: Finding the Best Beauty Buys on a Budget
Budget Beauty gives us the skinny on spring's neon makeup colors.

The Beauty of Life: A blog dedicated to all things beauty
The Beauty of Life hooks us up with Smashbox's beauty blowout sale.

The Jet Set Girls
The Jet Set Girls cover the new trend of matching nail color to our hair color.

Pampered and Primped up
Pampered and primped up tried out Neutrogena Wave, a new acne fighting machine.

Steeping Beauty: Beauty to the Tea
Since I cover nothing but ridiculously thick hair please refer to Steeping Beauty for thin hair advice.