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Life-changing beauty products. Its a strong statement but women often claim such mood, mind, and yes, even life-altering relationships with primping products. I myself am such a woman and have in fact had an abundance of life changing experiences in the last year, largely as the result of this, my first beauty blog. Fashion week in LA. The Total Beauty Summit in LA. Fashion Week in New York. Interviewing for blogging and magazine jobs in New York, LA, and San Francisco. My little sister turned seven and surrendered all of her baby fat for more grown up pursuits like rock climbing and delivering such sentences as, "I know sissy you look at me and think, 'Where is my baby sister?' cause I'm so grown up now, right? That's what you're thinking isn't it?" No one leaves me speechless like my little sister, though I believe I was able to pass a bewildered "uh-huh" past my dangling jaw in response to that specific question. But the list goes on, I moved to San Francisco for a dream job offer and then back to North Carolina when said dream job metamorphasized into something much less appealing upon the arrival of myself and all of my most treasured personal possessions in the bay area. I've driven across the country three times, once with a brief jaunt to Mexico and also schmoozed with the Lauder family. I reunited with old friends and buried one I had hoped to grow old with.

I have known for a very long time that 27 would be my best year. So now that its drawing to a close I'm left wondering where its all going. I started writing Beauty's SPOT mostly as a way to entertain my girlfriends while we all killed time at work. More recently it's become obvious that a mere spelling mistake results in immediately personable yet mildly scornful emails requesting a correction from some of the most powerful brand names in the world, several PR agencies, and media companies. It's baffling and honestly extremely intimidating. In fact as I write this post I fear it may be the beauty blogger equivalent of Jerry McGuire's ill fated manifesto.

This morning I received an email from my dear sweet aunt in Durango who thoughtfully uploaded three pictures from my visit there this fall. She lives on a ranch with a dial up connection so three pictures, painstakingly uploaded, are quite a gift. What I noticed was that I see myself in these pictures more than in any of the others taken this year. Returning to Durango after a twelve year absence, spending time in Yosemite with my cousin, and spending three cathartic - life changing days in ancient New Mexican hot springs awoke something in me that had been asleep for a long time. And the image of my smiling face, hair sloppily piled high on my head, face beaming from the feeling of being with the family I love was I hope the reminder I needed to guide me. Spelling mistakes or copy perfection, dream job or no job, this blog is supposed to be fun. So my life changing beauty products are (besides this easily packaged list drawn up for Sephora) too numerous to name. But from the look of the pictures I received this morning the most powerful one is, tritely, happiness.
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18 Life-Changing Beauty Products

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Cathleen said...

You are the absolute best! Please don't leave the beauty bloggin' world. As one of your girlfriends killing time at work, I'm not sure what I'd do first thing at the office if I didn't have your blog to read. Thanks for writing!