Vogue in 30 Seconds

Cover story: Anne Hathaway is much less annoying in print.

Oribe, the singularly named stylist who found fame designing the tresses of supermodels back in the 90s is finally bringing his skills to the people with a new line. His website is a MUST visit. (A note to the editors of Vogue, your interns are too young if they honestly think the supermodel heyday was 1984. Where is Ms. Wintour's eagle eye on that misprint?)

Visit escapetoshape.com to plan your next eco-fitness-spa-adventure. Who doesn't want a facial while trekking between the Atlas Mountains and Medina? Well I suppose it didn't occur to Mohammed but times, clearly, have changed.

Unless Jackson Pollock is designing your Smashbox spring compact, your shadows may be out of date.

The item to covet on the last page is not an exorbently expensive, devastatingly beautiful piece of jewlery as per usual but rather this $500 clutch-sized Dell Mini 9 laptop.

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