Ted Gibson in the Total Beauty Suite

Ted Gibson caresses the female mane as if he is holding an actual new born baby. As guests walk into the Total Beauty suite Ted, handfuls of blond tresses creased between his fingers, is the first to relive everyone's nerves with frequent greetings of "Hello! How are you?" and "Come in and get yourself a muffin. There is juice!"

As a man who styles Angelina's hair clearly no one would expect him to also act as the welcoming committee but one gets the sense that it is simply his nature to be kind. A warm friendly manner is a rare find in the world of celebrity hair stylists but I am relieved that Ted’s demeanor is as precious as his talent. Even in the middle of Fashion Week, a treacherous intersection of who’s who in fashion and celebrity, it seems Ted is simply being himself and his self is simply warm kind and grateful.

"As a hairdresser I feel really lucky and blessed because I work on the most beautiful woman in the world not only in the salon but also celebrities. When I decided to launch my own line I needed to have products that could work on all of them. Angelina, Debra Messing, and all of the models at the shows. Regardless of skin color or hair texture I need to be able to pull out a few items from my bag to treat all of them. It's about an individual beauty and products that work for everyone."

Oozing humility and gratitude he speaks of his favorite creations: Angelina's Rolling Stone cover. Anne Hathaway for the Oscars and her InStyle cover. Angelina's stunning, pregnant-perfect, red carpet stroll for King Fu Panda. These are his triumphs. That and the products he creates for daily use.

For women new to his line he recommends beginning with the hair sheets, daily nourish, and daily cleanse. He says from his work in the salon he knows women are still washing every day even though they are not supposed to. More on my interview with Ted Gibson later….

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