Beauty's Travel Products: Road Trip Essentials

I can't remember the last time I slept in my own bed. I left North Carolina at some point in late August for New York Fashion Week. Fashion "Week" is misleading as the last time I checked a week still only contains seven days. After 10 days of Prêt-à-Porter pleasure at a fast and furious pace I departed Gotham City and headed south for a few mellow days of peanut oil-free cupcakes, Friday night movies, and family time in D.C. for my little sister's 7th birthday. Next - off to LA for a cross country road trip with my compatriot in freelance writing. She writes lonely planet travel and food. I write beauty and travel. It's been quite an adventure.

I miss my own bed. I'm homesick for my beauty closet and usual haunts. Bringing the comforts of home with me was a precise science, tailored to my specific beauty routine. The products had to be perfect, multifunctional, and much much tougher than I am. So I set out on this the month of beauty Bedouin-ism with about 300 hundred of my most favorite products. Over the last 23 days or so I have whittled them down to the best and the brightest of the beauty closet. Here for your reference is the perfect beauty bag and its contents:

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. Yes I have been driving for 10 hours and I'm still in Texas but this makes me look like Miss Texas not the nutty, diaper-wearing, astronaut lady.

Juara Candlenut and Body Balm. Perfect bedtime, relaxation, I'd Like to Swaddle Myself in a Hot Herbal Wrap at Bliss Every Night Lotion.

DDF Protect and Correct UV Moisturiser SPF 15. Too thick for everyday use but a must have on beach and desert days.

Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream. New York in Heels = I would not have feet left were it not for this Japanese wonder cream.

Jonathan Green Rootine Silkening Cream. Don't attempt to substitute this brilliant styling product for conditioner when yours goes missing in Mexico. You'll look like the most unsavory character on the boardwalk. Do however use daily to fight frizz and delight in your smoothie-scented locks.

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash. MUST-HAVE Travel Product. Gentle enough to use as face wash when all of the paper-wrapped mini bricks make you feel a million miles from everything comfortable. Pampering daily care for the whole bod.

SkinCeuticals AOX Body Treatment. Hot in a bottle. This day time body lotion gives you that extra sparkle all day long.

Suki Lip Repair Butter. Waxy, Lemon-scented, not sexy lips, but organic healthy beautiful lips.

Murad Skin and Lip Therapy. You must kiss my lips, bottled.

Memoire Liqude, Bespoke Perfume. My scent. Yes in this moment, Mr. Cowboy, I'm the hottest woman you have ever met, bottled.

Nubar, (carcinogen-free) Merlot Nail Polish. Yes you want to hire me nail color.

OPI Parlez Vouz OPI Nail Polish. I travel everywhere with the style and ease of a Parisian princess polish.

Benefit Bad gal Blue Mascara. Yes my eyes are the color of the tropical blue sea.

Anastasia Eye Lights Matte in Camille. Yes my eyes sparkle like the reflection of the sun on the tropical blue sea.

Laura Mercier SPF 15 Mineral Powder. There is only one occasion where it is acceptable to leave the house without this coverall essential and it's after a day at Lake Austin Spa Resort, when everyone looks as beautiful as they will ever ever look. Ever.

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