Beauty's Fashion Week Foreplay: Nuj Novakhett's Spring 09 Collection

Yesterday 320 Studios hosted Nuj Novakhett's Spring 09 collection for some undoubtedly titillating fashion week foreplay. The small classic fashion district studio featured a charming balcony overlooking the expanse of 37th st from the Hudson River into the seemingly infinite troop of skyscrapers lining up in marching order towards the east side.

I fell in love with a few outfits from the Thai-American designer. One was the black crepe floor length gown worn by the intriguingly shy model pictured below on the left.

The other was the hot secretary number with the cream ruffled blouse, perched a top khaki skirt/short combination and kicked off the most ta-da for Camel pumps this side of Egypt.

The collection is tasty as Nuj's native Thai food. Good for me since I'm eating fashion these days. Wake, consume fashion, view fashion, write fashion, sleep fashion. To get some items by Nuj from last season (still unmistakably in style) check out the six pieces left at

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Marta said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the post Laurie:)