Threeasfour Hair by Ashley Javier

Ashley Javier is a devastatingly attractive, extremely talented stylist. On this day of big hair for all in rain drenched New York City he created polished silhouettes conjuring up 60s glamour for the Threeasfour show. A joy to talk to, I print the interview in it's entirety below. If you want goddess-like hair, or simply want to meet this cinnamon-skinned statue of David look-a-like, visit the Ashley Javier Parlour.

Ashley styles the model above mid-process.
AJ: It's a little grand.

the SPOT: What is your inspiration for the look?

AJ: It's really about creating irony. Because the clothes are so futuristic and the shapes are so complicated in terms of where the references and inspiration come from I wanted to do something that was still young something that gives girls an idea something that gives them a certain feeling of grandeur. It gives them a little glamour. I wanted to create something that was modern and clean but could give them something so it's not just the old everyday playing it safe. It's an idea. It's bringing something back and using these little cushions to create the volume, we are pinning it under. So it's very opera singer, Maria Callas, very 60's. When women felt more glamorous. It creates a silhouette with the two shapes and makes the face smaller when we create that volume. We all know thick hair makes everything smaller. It's a great irony to what they are doing and gives girls and women a little idea to try.

the SPOT: Is this an easy look to get at home?

AJ: Yes we are doing it in a way that is really easy. Any woman can get these little cushions, le cushion (with a French accent). Unfortunately they are called "ratz." I don't like calling it that so I'm calling them "cushion" (with French accent).

the SPOT: Just because they look like a little rat?

AJ: Well, because back in the 60s when they were doing all those hairdressing things they would rat the hair to make it cushioned.

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