Backstage at Rodarte with Aveda and Natalie Portman

Not every show at fashion week is packed with celebs. Rodarte however is. The female design duo behind the line count Natalie Portman, Anna Wintour, and Frodo as close personal friends. In choosing Aveda to create the hair for their show, this power fashion house is making a statement that the environment is priority not only for them but for the fashion industry. Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the dynamic duo behind Rodarte explain, “Spring 2009 explores the link between site specific art and the search for life in space. Earth art and science fiction are intertwined. The central theme of the collection centers around the idea of remnants; things that are wasted away or gathered and then left behind as a skeleton of the past.” The gowns were stunning as was the hair. Lots of lovely celeb pics and hair how-tos below.

Odile Gilbert, lead hair stylist for Aveda, created the alien-like look saying, “The inspiration is an alien; hair is wrapped in circular motions into a brain-like bun and covered with a gold or silver leaf. The idea was to create something very pure, simple and clean. To create this look, I approached the hair like origami—carefully folding and wrapping hair in circular motions and securing tightly in place.”

Get the Look/Step-by-Step:

Step 1: Separate hair into top and bottom sections leaving a wide strip from the front to mid-way down the head.

Step 2: Separate bottom section into three parts. Beginning with the middle section, dampen hair with water, spray with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, and comb through. Secure into a tight pony tail approximately two inches above the nape of the neck. Wrap hair into a bun using a circular motion and secure in place with pins.

Step 3: Take bottom left section of hair to work with; dampen with water, spray with Air Control Hair Spray and brush through, then comb using a fine tooth comb to smooth. Wrap hair around the bun tightly in a circular motion and secure with pins. Re-spray with Air Control Hair Spray to seal fly-aways. Repeat with bottom right section of hair.

Step 4: Separate remaining top section of hair in half. Dampen bottom half with water, spray with Air Control Hair Spray and comb through. Divide again into two more sections—right and left. One at a time, wrap each section around the bun in a circular motion, securing in place with pins. The bun becomes larger and wider with each section of hair added.

Step 5: Take remaining top strip of hair; dampen, spray with Air Control Hair Spray and comb through to smooth. Comb hair back and directly over bun, securing in place with pins and Air Control Hair Spray. Tuck ends into the bun and seal with pins.

Step 6: Coat bun with Brilliant Retexturizing Gel. Place a gold (for blondes) or silver (for brunettes) leaf over hair to cover the bun. Smooth in place with fingers and spray with Air Control Hair Spray.

Aveda Products Used:
Air Control Hair Spray
Brilliant Retexturizing Gel

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