Tommy Hilfiger: A Hair Above the Rest

Yesterday, I was backstage at Tommy Hilfiger's show dutifully interviewing lead MAC artist Lisa Butler, who seemed mostly bored by the simple classic makeup. When I asked her what inspired the look for the show she said, "Well I wouldn't say its really, inspired, really." No lip color. No foundation, coverup where necessary, a chic matte look. Classic. Flawless. A coral color on the cheek and a vanilla color around the eye. Blah blah blah.

Then a shimmer of gold caught my eye and led me to the most beautiful follicular sculpture created by stylist Luigi Murenu. Soft flowing waves accented by triplet gold headbands. Luigi's female models were evocative of Liv Tyler as the elf goddess in Lord of the Rings and Grace Kelly all at the same time. Then an even more intriguing parade of regrettably young male models appeared in what used to be the Met lobby and what was now Tommy's personal circus staging area.

Genius hair stylist Luigi Murenu (pictured below) created the elf Liv/Grace masterpiece and a look for the men that required all of the male models to submit to hair nets and clips evocative of a south beach octogenarian grandmother before allowing them to evolve into their country club perfect 80s oil slick hair. God do I adore Luigi. Male models with egos tangled up in nylon nets, female models walking around making the met lobby look like middle earth. And for good measure, Tommy cheerily greeting each Suzanne Sommers-esque network personality with all the fervor of a boy scout on badge ceremony day. Click over to for the runway looks.

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