Beast's SPOT: Anthony Logistics For Men Prostate Cancer Awareness Hair and Body Cleansing Gel

Ladies, there are going to be some fabulous giveaways and fundraisers for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I'm afraid however that in all of my preparations, I've slighted the dudes. September is in fact Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. As a college-educated, well travelled woman I hate to admit that I don't completely know what a prostate is. I'm pretty clear on the fact that it's some sort of organ or gland in the male nether region but really I'm not too concerned with anything "down there" other than well you know, the John Thomas. So I'm educating myself (apparently this prostate thingy is a crucial neighbor of the beloved John Thomas) and bringing you a simple way to aid the yang to our yin.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Hair and Body Cleansing Gel from Anthony Logistics For Men on is only on sale through the end of September, Prostate Cancer Awareness month, at Nordstrom,, bluemercury stores and

100% percent of proceeds will be donated to the Aureon Protocol Study at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City for its Prostate Cancer Research program. Also, for the month of September, 10% of sales of all blue products in the line go to the cause and Anthony Logistics will sell blue prostate cancer awareness bracelets on for $5, or you can receive one as a gift with purchase at Nordstrom locations.

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