Beauty's Product RAVE: Skin Ceuticals AOX Body Treatment.

I die for this kind of discovery. This lotion, when applied correctly, transforms me into a gorgeous sophisticated radiant woman. This is a must have travel product because no matter how much your travels plans change and your dollar's value plummets this lotion will help you look and feel like two million bucks, you know since a million isn't worth so much anymore. But seriously this lotion is like self-esteem in a bottle.

Vitamin-E and purified grape polyphenols combat damaging free radicals while capriloyl salicylic acid induces efficient exfoliation of dead skin cells to give skin a smoother texture. As if the Duke University scientists behind Skin Ceuticals weren't already showing off, flavonols derived from jasmine limit inflammation caused by UV exposure. Dookies are such smarty pants. Anyhow it makes my skin look FAB.

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