Molton Brown's European Union with the Total Beauty Suite at the Bryant Park Hotel

Talk about manifestation. A few weeks ago I posted this adorable relaxed traveller kit from Molton Brown. Today upon my arrival at the Total Beauty Suite in the Bryant Park Hotel a lovely Molton Brown employee handed my a goodie bag with that same lavender-colored wanderlust companion. Then a lovely little Italian man, with a tattoo of a turtle inked into a square bald patch on the back of his head and framed by his curly locks, did wondrous things to my hair. Using a feminine rose scented shampoo (Rosella), he transfixed me in his chair for the better part of an hour while he styled my unruly locks. I emerged, ethereally scented and resembling (at least in a follicular way) Angelina on her latest cover of Vogue. Bellissima indeed.
Many thanks to the Italian man, who turned out to be Massimo La Rocca, Creative Director of Shears Hustle & Blow.
Thanks to Charli, Total Beauty editor extrordinare, for the picture above.

Also you must must try their pre-wash hair treatment. Vitamins and nutrients swim in the olive oil based serum, to be applied once weekly. I'm dying to try it and I actually applied it to my wrists simply because it smelled like a tropical heaven.

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A Mom in Red High Heels said...

Hey- where is the "finished product" picture? I bet you were looking H-O-T! ;)