Threeasfour Key Artist, Gordon Espinet

Gordon Espinet, Vice President of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics, was the key artist for the Threeasfour show held yesterday at the Altman Building in Chelsea. Three as four may be having resounding success but as the quintessential downtown designers, this location left them safely 22 blocks south of the establishment. Gordon was an absolute delight to speak with and since I hung on absolutely every word he said, I'm printing the interview (with a detailed how-to included) verbatim below. Check out the full show at

the SPOT: What is your inspiration for this show?

GE: They always like a little some-thing but not a lot of makeup. Adi and Angela themselves, They love to look beautiful but its really sometimes more about cool than beautiful but the beauty is what walks in here. What I do to them is really not about trying to change it or trying to tell a story. Its just about adding a cool element to it. There is a lot of coral in the collection . Its not orange. Not Pink. Its' right in the middle. So we gravitated to that color. We wanted the girls to look really fresh and pretty because of course the cast is really young and fresh and pretty. Using a mixture of two MAC cream color bases. One is called virgin island the other is called real coral. We put it just at the back of their check so that they seem to have a radiance about them and we used a MAC lip conditioner called gentle coral. It looks really cute and pretty and little bit doll-like but no too doll-y. Then we used a brow set to make their brows look a little bushy. That's it we really kept it very subtle.

the SPOT: What is your Favorite runway look so far?

GE: I like the more artistic approach to makeup that we saw last season. I like to just see beautiful women. Yesterday I went to Alice McCol. She is English, grew up in Australia, showed in London and now she is showing here. She is fabulous. Makeup artist Matius did this really cool look based on the rorschach color test so at the end they put this gloss on their eyes and made them look up so that everyone has a different pattern that comes up. I thought it was really cool, like they were doing something that had an intellectual element but not making it too intellectual.

the SPOT: I have been following your updates on Twitter. Is this a new thing for you?

GE: Oh yes this is a new thing for me that I have to learn. (Cheery laughs all around as Gordon realizes I've already been tuned in to his every move via twitter) For the next five weeks, I'll be twittering up a storm. On top of the shows I do myself I get to go to a whole lot of other shows. So I'll keep twittering!

I couldn't help but share this adorable video of Gordon. He is in fact a legend.

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