Backstage with Aveda at 3.1 Phillip Lim

According to earth friendly designer Phillip Lim going green is a way of life for him. In fact he has created a line of entirely eco-friendly clothes called Go Green. For his successful 3.1 Phillip Lim line he also makes every effort to be green. Inviting eco-conscious beauty pioneer Aveda to do the hair for his show was the natural choice. Lim says, “The collection is a fresh take on ‘Spanish’ dressing and calls forth the tension between the bullfight and the flamenco. This is about violent romanticism—a.k.a., drama, forcing curves into soft silhouettes. For the men, this collection is about matadors in training.” To compliment this idea the inspiration for the hair was Eva Peron meets Juliet Lewis; giving the ’40s a more a modern feel and shape.

Odile Gilbert was the key hair stylist for Aveda. Oldie defines his creation by saying, “This look is very intricate but the off-center bun above the ear is a very elegant, sophisticated evening look.” Sophisticated, dramatically romantic, and environmentally conscious; fashion week, fashion chic, indeed.

Get the Look/Step-by-Step:

Step 1: Create a deep side part and section hair off behind the ear. Spray with Air Control Hair Spray and brush through to smooth.

Step 2: Create a high pony tail right above the right ear and secure in place with an elastic.

Step 3: Divide pony in half and roll each section around a “rat” (small hair sponge), creating a cylinder-like shape. Hold in place with pins and spray with Air Control Hair Spray.

Step 4: Repeat with other section of pony tail, creating a bow-like shape.

Step 5: Apply a small amount of Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip throughout remaining section of hair on other side of the head. Spray with Air Control Hair Spray before wrapping hair down and around the back of the head along the hair line, and up around the base of the pony tail. Secure with pins throughout to keep in place.

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