Beauty's Product RAVE: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

I have a face mask for every occasion. The Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is now my official transition mask.

By age sixteen I was doing weekly organic green clay masks. Still in all of my years of face mask connoisseuring I have never had more fun than I did just now with the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss. The sweetly scented peach colored gel instantly turns into a foam upon application. The instructions request you leave it on for only five minutes, during which time the foam volume continuously grows. At the end of five minutes I looked like an overly hairy Santa Claus.

But in only five minutes every pore on my face was, as promised, breathing in big expansive yogini type breathes. In fact it felt as if each pore had become a receptacle for an oxygen filled funnel.

Today every part of me needs deep breathing. I am moving out of North Carolina, my home of almost five years. I am leaving my favorite apartment which I happily inhabited for two years. On this day, I get to breath in with optimism thankful that I get to leave one phenomenal place for another. I will visit often, in fact I already have my first visit planned. They say in North Carolina that this is the place where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great. This has been true for me and I will take that gift, and Bliss's Triple Oxygen Face Mask, with me just so I remember to breath it all in and have fun.


Cathleen said...

North Carolina is going to miss you so much. Fortunately, we have your blog to keep us in the loop of your adventures AND keep us beautiful!

Laurie said...

And...It turned out to be just a brief vacation from NC!