Beauty's Adventure - Medi-Spa Worker Week

You may have noticed - my posts are popping up nocturnally this week. Would you believe me if I told you my day time hours are now filled with high intensity lasers being aimed at my armpits and soy wax being draping over the hairy regions of my face? Well yes, after my adventures in Neti Potting and tongue scraping, I suppose you would.

But would you also believe me if I told you I’ve been checking patients in and out of permanent makeup appointments, YonKa Facials, and face lifts? It’s true! I'll be doing research all week at the best plastic surgeon's office in North Carolina.

This practice is bumping with skinny, newly well-endowed hotties from all over North Carolina. These pretty, dainty ladies smile at the brave breast cancer survivors attempting to reclaim their bodies who also populate the waiting the room. College co-eds skip in and out for their brow waxings while some highly discerning gentleman with impeccable taste purchase YonKa for Men aftershave. It’s a lovely place to be for a girl like me who could pitch a tent in any decent day spa and happily call it home.

Finally I get to go behind the scenes and take my waiting room investigative skills beyond their normal 10 minute boundaries. Also, I have confirmed a long standing hunch. My obsession to linger in the waiting rooms and investigate every aspect of the various day spas I frequent is in fact very odd. All of the patients come and go as their schedule allows. One kind woman lingered, but only to read about poor Elizabeth Edwards - although poor Elizabeth Edwards was apparently not pitiful enough to warrant the $4.00 price tag for personal copy of people magazine. No one however was asking detailed information about every product for sale or the alternatives in laser providers. Good information for me to have. Apparently beauty bloggers are a breed apart and I may in the future need to be more crafty in veiling my questions.

Surprisingly, simply being present in the office means every part of my body is up for grabs. One esthetician threatened to come at me with a swab of hot wax if I didn’t sit on her table. I have been dutifully sewing the seeds for my next visit to an Anastasia brow studio (read incubating some seriously hairy brows) but she insisted, so I acquiesced. I must say she has done a brilliant job. I love the new dramatic shape of my brows…almost enough to consider some permanent make up to mimic their new shape. (By the way, the best insider tip I learned today is that Rogaine for men, when applied to brows, is a cheap DIY way to regrow overly plucked brows.)

Also, a laser technician insisted on burning the hair follicles out of my armpits with a laser. Two weeks from now the hair will fall out and remain missing for at least a month. I later met the southeast sales rep for Skin Ceuticals. I now adore him, more on that tomorrow.

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