Beauty's Product: Soda Fountain philosophy

For those of us who live below the mason dixon line, old time soda shops are not a distant reality or something best left to the imagination of Hollywood sound stage set designers. They are in fact a place where lovely young southern girls serve up the tastiest burgers in town with a perfectly drawn, rouge-colored smile. I love the idea of taking this old-time, simplistic, fun atmosphere of the soda shop into my beauty routine.

philosophy is serving up a trip to the place where red and white checked dreams come true and juke boxes rain supreme. philosophy’s new limited edition soda fountain 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel and soda fountain lip sets will transport you back to your favorite old-fashioned diner.

Slurp up the deliciousness of these calorie-free treats in your shower or a bath. Available in root beer float, not the pits cherry cola or fruit punch, you can savor every last drop because these good-for-you shower and bath indulgences are formulated to cleanse and condition your skin and thoroughly quench its thirst.

And, if it’s a yummy summer time shine that you crave, give your pucker a little pop with all new the soda fountain lip set. These three tasty lip shines will give you a smooth and glossy pout with a hint of root beer float, cherry cola or fruit punch flavored goodness. Your lips will smell so sweet and delicious, you'll definitely want seconds!

philosophy’s the soda fountain 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel trio ($30) and philosophy’s the soda fountain lip set ($28), are limited edition and available here.

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