Beauty Fortuity: Murad Skin and Lip (and nail) Therapy

My mani-pedi mania has caught up with me. In the name of research my nails have been mani-pedied to death. (By the way all of the research was worth it for just one pedi-colada.) But, as you well know I have patiently tried nail oils, even organic nail oils, to fix the peeling nastiness that reveals itself when the polish comes off. I thought I simply needed more patience. I had no idea that I already had the instant solution in my daily makeup bag.

That's right Murad's Lip and Skin therapy has cured my nails of all peeling in just one day. Yesterday, mostly out of boredom I thought, 'Well cuticles are some sort of skin and nothing could make mine look worse.' Then I proceeded to slather Murad's heavenly Lip and Skin Therapy all over each individual finger tip. Hoping to help only my cuticles I was surprised that my nails too seemed to drink in this universal elixir. I re-applied once in the evening. This morning I woke up to discover healed, beautiful nails. I'm laying in bed writing this - with all the excitement of a little girl who just found her first saddle under the Christmas tree. There is no teeth brushing. No breakfast eating. Before any of that can happen I must tell the world about my new nails!

They look like the nails of a well-fed Midwestern manicure virgin. Yesterday morning they looked the nails of junkie. For real. So go on, run over to Sephora and pick up a tube, your lips, nails, and skin will thank you. (A word to the wise, don't venture out and try the pomegranate flavor of the original version. Let's just say something got lost in the translation.)

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