Beauty's Product RAVE: Lychee Lip Plumper by Laura Mercier

Isn't she beautiful? This stunner caught my eye whilst playing in Sephora. Smooth and silky upon application this sexy little white applicator paints on perfect plumpers. Leave it to Laura Mercier to make a Lychee sexy. The otherwise odd, rather unattractive fruit makes for a plumper pout, and smoother, hydrated lips. After applying, a cooling effect builds up over 20 minutes to plump lips, lasting up to two hours. The product however absorbs right into the skin leaving your suddenly plumper visage a tasty mystery. I couldn't stop playing with my lips the whole day. So fun.

Just to feed my growing obsession with Southeast Asian plant-based cosmetics lychee, and it's odder looking cousin Rambutan, are pictured below.

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