Remember my happy hair story about FHI HEAT? Well today in honor of a friend of mine who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, I share this less happy but still hopeful information about what FHI heat can do for women with breast cancer. Don't forget to support FHI heat and all the other PINK organizations and products.

FHI HEAT Increases Its Support of Online Resource for Breast Cancer Survivors by adding three new products that give back. FHI Heat will renew its charitable partnership with PINK-LINK (http://www.pink-link.org/), a grassroots, non-profit (501.C.3) organization which provides online support to survivors of breast cancer and others affected by the disease. FHI Heat will donate a portion of sales from its various products. FHI Heat plans to donate $1 from each sale of specific pink-hued styling tools to PINK-LINK for one year. These pink-hued tools include: Nano Weight Pro 1900 Turbo Blow Dryer ($195.00); Nano Weight Pro 1800 Blow Dryer ($150.00), Nano Salon Pro 2000 dryer ($195.00); Technique G2 Styling Iron in 1" and 1.75" sizes (each $120.00); and Platform Styling Iron 1" (retail $195.00).

Unlike research organizations, the mission of PINK-LINK is to create a virtual forum to provide support for women already diagnosed with breast cancer. The non-sectarian site hosts the only online searchable database of breast cancer survivors. A member can search and connect with other members with privacy and confidentiality through the PINK-LINK email system. The site also provides professional support in the areas of nutrition, fitness, holistic health care and skin care through its "Ask the Expert" forum. Pink-Link has over 2,000 members in all 50 states and internationally.

Vicki Tashman, founder of PINK-LINK, comments, "The partnership between PINK-LINK and FHI Heat means so much to me and our organization. We operate at zero overhead, and no one draws a salary, so every dollar donated by FHI Heat will be applied to the expansion of the site, as well as continuing our outreach efforts to the breast cancer community." FHI Heat will draw attention to the partnership by applying customized PINK-LINK stickers to the packaging of these specific products.

The new technologically advanced FHI Heat products are available at fine hair salons and professional beauty retailers nationwide, via toll-free number at 877.FHI.HEAT (877.344.4328) and online at http://www.fhiheat.com/. Products offered by FHI Heat include blow dryers, styling irons, curling irons, heat razors, heat-activated conditioners, styling clips, carbon combs, brushes and a chemical straightening system.

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