Beauty's Travel: Endless Summer Roundup

We've got travelling on the brain because we are about to be doing lots and lots of it. We are so excited for our trips but we also noticed some choice picks from our favorite sites...

The Chopra Center's Renewal Weekend: Chicago - August 22–24
Experience a rejuvenating weekend getaway with Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and the Chopra Center family. Renewal Weekend is an ideal retreat for the occasional meditator, the fledgling yogi, and anyone who has been curious about the Eastern healing arts. Check out more on beauty from the inside out in this month's Namaste Newsletter.

I was hot while swimming in the pool today. If you live anywhere in the southern half of the states you may be ready to spend the rest of you endless summer in these Finnish igloos with Intrepid Express.
Amid Lapland's exotic and stunning scenery, the Igloo Village of Kakslauttanen offers the chance to stay in both snow and glass igloos in the vicinity of Urho Kekkonen National Park. Hum, I wonder what they say about people who live in glass igloos.

Hot child in the City anyone? Enter to win a dream city vacay (pampering and shopping included!) from Estee Lauder and Total Beauty!

Want to get the eff out of town? Yeah me too. i-to-i is an amazing organization that lets travellers, free spirits and escape artists turn their wanderlust into good deeds. Here are their top five trips:

Top 5 i-to-i projects
1. Working with Orphans in the Philippines.
2. Animal Wildlife Rescue in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
3. Work with Children in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
4. Community Work in Coastal Sri Lanka.
5. Fantastic Lion Monitoring in South Africa.

Finally, can you barely afford the spa these days? Lifebooker has a braziliant way to make you feel exotic and a-hem, well traveled.

A Trip to Brazil for only $28! Ok, ok . . . let us explain. Through August 31st, we are offering 50% off all bikini and eyebrow services at Boom Boom Beauty Lounge. They have a waxing treatment for every occasion, and take full poetic license when naming each: The aforementioned "Trip to Brazil," originally $56, is now $28.

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