Beauty's Product RAVE: Artemis Woman

When I talk to God about redesigning the female form – which as a beauty editor I do often - I often mention the use of body hair. As in, you know just a thought but have you seen bathing suits in the last 50 years? Clearly we are over protected, no? I understand female body hair once had a purpose but it is my suggestion that much of the current design is out of date. Ideally, from my perspective, a full grown woman should have eyebrows designed by Anastasia’s architecturally based design standards, a full, yet manageable, coif atop her head (a la Daniel Martinez at Warren Tricomi), and last - and yes least - a small shading (for modesty's sake) in her nether regions. Small. Shading. Like a dollop of paint at the end of an impressionist painter's brush.

Apparently in all of my conversations, I was talking to the wrong entity. I should have been speaking with Artemis. No no not Artemis, the fertile offspring of Zeus and Leto. Artemis, the newest and best beauty gadget in personal grooming. The Personal Groomer by Artemis removes all kinds of unwanted hair. From everywhere.
The Artemis personal hair groomer could easily be mistaken for a fine silver pen but remove the cap, flip the switch and you are bikini ready in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to the painful waxing and terrifying idea of shaving anywhere near your precious who-ha. Daily swimmers like myself - this is a must have item. I will add this to the mandatory kit every woman should receive at the age of 15. Humm now which faire god mother should I be petitioning for that?

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