Warren Tricomi Salon: Daniel Martinez is The Hair Stylist Love of My Life.

Well girls, I have been sitting on this post for a while. In May I was in LA and the hair stylist love of my life, Daniel Martinez, cut my hair. I posted the pictures from the Warren Tricomi Salon on Melrose and promised to write more later. I am so so sorry it took me until now to post this but please read on. (There is an amazing ending.) Here is what I wrote during the first week of the new cut:

If I ever meet a man who does for me what Daniel Martinez does for my hair I will ask him to marry me instantly. I have never seen my hair look like this. Have you ever peered into a beautiful rose and wonder where all the leaves start? Daniel erases all the parts, natural and otherwise, that I have ever given my hair. Then he patterns my hair drawing new lines using the weight and curl of each section as a guide. In the process creating what looks like a genus of rose the world has never known before. In the care of Daniel and his assistant Nicole I feel as if I have two hair care geniuses, like brother and sister octopus working on me with a million arms and a brilliant vision. God must have put them here for this purpose.

Daniel curls my hair with thick curling iron. The curling iron gives a million little butterfly kisses to each strand of hair as Daniel tightens and releases to create big, but more modern, Farah Fawcett curls.

My hair has never felt this light this well tailored to my otherwise oddly shaped face. I love Warren Tricomi. I love the wispy blow drying he does. Somewhere along the way we notice some grey strands and comment that next time we will have to do some color.

Now 6 weeks later I love my hair even more. A great hair stylist awes you the day and week of the cut. A brilliant hair stylist gives you an imaginary wink 6 weeks later when the cut grows into itself and reveals their even more brilliant vision. I have never had a hair cut that has grown in this well. It seemingly styles itself into gorgeous ringlets that frame my face and play with my hair's natural fullness while the cut itself eliminates weightiness and frizz. Looks like I’m either going to have to move to LA or fly to see Daniel every time I need a cut. No one else is every touching my hair as long as Daniel Martinez is still around. Also, check out the beautiful new Warren Tricomi site.

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A Mom in Red High Heels said...

When you do get back out this way for your fabulous cut, give me a call. I'll go with and see Lorenzo ;)