Chit Chatting with Lisa Price of Carol's Daughter

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie use Carol's Daughter products for Zahara's hair but this natural brand is for everyone. I just got through speaking with Carol's Daughter creator, Lisa Price, and if you are new to the brand she recommends these products for Carol's Daughter beginners. Also, Lisa is now one of my favorite beauty entrepreneurs. She is so amazing!

Top Products for Newcomers to Carol's Daughter:

(If you are not into baths she recommends sprinkling this on the shower floor and breathing in the aroma.)

With flagship stores from New York to Maryland, Carol's Daughter is also making strides all over the country via Sephora, Macy's, and Dillard's and with her second appearance on the Home Shopping Network (July 21-22.)

I am also very impressed with Lisa's frank discussion of her philosophy on natural and organic products. They do not use organics at this point but their products are 95% natural, never using parabens, petroleum, or any harmful preservatives. Lisa says she wants her customers to feel confident that the products are safe but she also needs to use some synthetics to deliver results. (For such high quality ingredients, I am in love with the low prices!)

For those of you who also manically make beauty products in your home and dream of the success of Carol's Daughter her primary advice is do your research! She says to stay current on packaging and label regulations because one mistake can really hurt a small company.

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