Let’s refresh our Beverly Hills 90210 beauty skills!

We may be loathe to admit it now but we all took makeup and fashion cues from Kelly, Brenda, and Donna for the majority of the ‘90s. Now that Jennie Garth, Shannon Dougherty, and Tori Spelling are officially onboard for the next-gen 90210 let’s brush up on our skills with a little recap/quiz shall we?

Question 1: Who dyes Brenda’s Hair blonde, recommending a mixture of ash and red highlights, when she first moves to Beverly Hills?

1. Donna Martin
2. Cindy Walsh (Brenda’s mom)
3. Kelly Taylor

(Kelly Taylor)

Question 2: Which cast member almost becomes a model while in Paris? (Brenda and Donna were so the first LC and Whitney!)

1. Kelly Taylor
2. Brenda Walsh
3. Donna Martin



Question 3: Which current fashion trend appears in the first season opener of the original show?

1. vests
2. aviator shades and 80’s rocker sunglasses
3. flowery sundresses
4. under-wire bikini tops (If you pick this one please send us a photo with a recent newspaper and you wearing your under-wire bikini top in public.)


(aviator shades and 80’s rocker glasses)

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