Rembrandt Whitening Treatments

For three years I have been debating the value of zoom teeth whitening. Is it worth the six hundred dollar fee and the hours upon hours in the dentist chair? Six hundred dollars seems like a lot of money even if quitting smoking has saved me that amount numerous times over. Do I really want to risk having blinding, unnaturally white teeth? On the other hand drug store whiteners never really seemed to do the trick. Until now.

When I saw the Rembrandt Whitening Touch-Up Pen in Allure's Editor's Choice awards I decided to explore their entire line of whitening products. I carefully selected the following: the pen at $14.99, the 2 Hour Kit at $24.99 and the Whitening Strips (which are really more like pliable trays) at $24.99.

The combination of the three products has most definitely gotten rid of the old coffee and cig nasty yellowness and my teeth are sublimely naturally white again. The sun is bright enough down here in the North Carolina Summer. I don't want to go around blinding everyone with Jessica Simpson teeth. Check out the before and after pics and let me know if you think these products are worth the price tag.

Before Rembrandt

After the Two Hour Whitening Kit

After using the Two Hour Kit, Strips, and Pen