FHI Heat Hair Brushes: Designer Looks for You, Drugstore Price for Your Wallet

The new FHI Heat Professional brushes are wonderful gems. Each design (Paddle, Cushion and Round) are available in two sizes. I have big hair, so I'm trying out the big brushes and quite like them. The round brush is perfect for smoothing out summer frizz, while the paddle brush gives my curl a good throttling.

Also of note, these brushes are designed to work with your heat producing blow dryer and straightener. Les Haverty, Artistic Director for the brand, says the groundbreaking Nano-Fuzeion™ technology first introduced to the industry by FHI Heat blow dryers and styling irons is now also utilized in the manufacturing of the new professional brush series. The patented fabrication process employs tourmaline, which creates negative ions. The negative ionization seals the hair cuticle, especially in the presence of heat, locking moisture into the follicle and resulting in strong, supple, glossy hair.

“The combination of tourmaline and nano-silver in these brushes makes every blow-out a conditioning treatment, as well as a styling experience,” says Haverty. “To recreate the celebrity looks we’ve made famous on the red carpet, the screen and the runway, hair must be healthy and in top condition. Damaged or dry hair is porous, brittle and unresponsive, so we developed these brushes to restore hair’s natural resiliency and shine as we style.” At 19.99 a brush thats a lot of bang for your buck.

Some final words of wisdom from this hair genius (pictured below):

“I reach for the Round brush when I want to blow-dry volume into the hair, and when I want to shape a really concise design, like a flip or a tuck,” he says. “I use the Paddle brush for detangling damp or dry hair, and also when I want to create a sleeker style a bit closer to the head. The Cushion brush has curved corners, so it’s really great for maneuvering and finishing off the design with holding spray.”

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