L'Oreal Wants to Throw You a Party!

I need your help. L'Oreal has asked a handful of the most fabulous beauty blogs in the world to help launch their new Feria Hair Color line. I am so honored they chose me, however, none of my besties are willing to liven up their hair color. So I need five lucky Beauty's SPOT readers to party with.

Here is what's in it for you:

1) Two free sets of the new feria product

2) Party catered by L'Oreal at my place.

3) Free gifts from L'Oreal

Here is what I need from you:

1) Be willing to pose for before and after pictures (can be from behind if you don't want to be internet famous)

2) Attend said party at my place and take home free/makeup/hair color/gifts.

The party will take place in August at some time agreeable to all participants. Since this will be at my house (in Chapel Hill, North Carolina), I reserve the right to say you can't come if you creep me out.

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